Holiday Gift Guide 2019

I can hardly believe it’s time for this post again, but here we are…prepping for Christmas and the Holiday Season. I’ve created this Kid’s Gift Guide because we all have those children in our lives- whether they are our own or a niece, nephew, etc. that we just don’t know what to buy for. I’m hoping this is a great jumping off point for you and that it helps you cross off some items on your list and get a head start on your holiday shopping!

I’d like to start with something new this year- a little section about preparing for the season. As my children get older, I’m finding it more and more important to instill a sense of reverence, kindness, and GIVING as the focal points surrounding this otherwise commercialized holiday. I want them to understand the value of giving to those in need, of self-reflection, and of purpose. So we are using some of the ideas below to prepare ourselves for Christmas this year and I wanted to share.


  • The Giving Manger (encourage good deeds and kind acts as you add straw to baby Jesus’ manger to prepare for His arrival Christmas morning. We do this every year and it’s the most beautiful tradition!)
  • The Advent Story Book  We are going to use this as a type of Advent Calendar this year. It’s neatly organized with 25 short stories leading up to Jesus’s birth. We will read one a day starting on Dec 1.  This Advent Story Book is a great version for younger children that includes a cartoon bear character, but with the same idea.
  • Nativity Set– We have collected pieces from Ostheimer every year that we use as a Nativity Set and I love that it is so beautiful but also kid friendly. However, it is costly and took time to collect the set. They do have a Nativity bundle, but it not cheap either. I suggest slowly collecting your favorite pieces over the years. (The pieces make for great Easter gifts as well and the kids can play with them all year long)  However, If you are looking for a precious, affordable set your children can play with and enjoy, I love this Fisher-Price Nativity set!


Christmas books are my absolute FAVORITE way to get into the holiday spirit. I’ve linked two of my Christmas Book Posts from years past: HERE and HERE!

And now, My 2019 Kid’s Holiday Gift Guide:

(Look out for stars(*) on my favorite new finds & for some hidden discount codes!)



  1. light up tracing pad & carrying case perfect for your little artist
  2. Fortune Teller Making Craft Kit Do your girls love making these as much as mine do? I should probably get two because my girls will fight over this
  3. cat ear headphones
  4. *Custom Painted Globe Quin is very into globes right now and this one will look so cute in her new room! I got it customized to say “Adventure Awaits…”
  5. sleep mask
  6. paint by sticker Love these books for restaurants/travel
  7. Organic All Natural Bath Bombs both of my girls are into bath bombs and I try to keep their product ingredients as clean as possible, so I love this all-natural set
  8. Mini Speaker check the dimensions- its super tiny- but so cute for a bedroom!
  9. Faux-Fur Hooded Robe bath bombs, sleep masks, the only thing missing is a cozy robe! 😉
  10. Sherpa lap desk I’m going to fill this with this super cute Gratitude Journal , a Mom & Me Journal and some fun pens and stickers. Q loves reading & writing at bedtime!
  11. *Monogrammed sleepover bag Sleepovers are all the rage these days (even though I’m the overly-cautious, hesitant mother when it comes to sleepovers) but I figured Q needed some big-girl over-night pieces. Also, got her this monogrammed acordian pouch (love the separate pouches for underwear, hair stuff, toiletries, etc.)
  12. Slime Kit (yes I’m cringing as I type this)
  13. remote control car Q got this for her birthday and surprisingly, it was a hit!
  14. mani pedi lap desk
  15. Cat Coin Bank so cute on a dresser or bedside table

For more girl gift ideas see this post and this post!

Looking for some quality books to add to your little reader’s list? Click HERE for some of our favorite chapter books and read-aloud novels from this summer!


  1. Doll Stroller Ardyn will most likely cart all of her stuffed animals around in this. I rationalized this stroller because if it’s going to be used and left all around the house, it might as well be pretty.
  2. *Realistic cat Ok, this this is both hilarious & freaky! It’s designed for elderly nursing home patients who need the love and companionship of a real animal without the care & responsibility. This little cat doesn’t come cheap but I’m thinking this might be my little animal lover’s “big gift” this year. Ardyn will FREAK!
  3. Calico critters Ardyn asked for some of these to use in her small pink Pottery Barn dollhouse we got her several years ago. (She’s grown out of the princess peg dolls she used to play with in there.) There are so many adorable accessories that come with these animals. For some of my fav dollhouses and dollhouse furniture, click HERE  and HERE.
  4. Unicorn dress up
  5. *Dinkum doll Dont’ forget the adorable dresses sold separately
  6. Doorables Ardyn is very into collecting these right now. I’ll probably open the box and stick some of the wrapped surprise packs in her stocking
  7. The Story Orchestra: Sleeping Beauty A listen & read book, set to the sound of Tchaikovsky’s original music. These books are so beautiful!
  8. *Spy glass child camera My girls are obsessed with picture-taking and I love the handle design of this one. So smart for little hands!
  9. Animal dress up case perfect for my animal lover
  10. Ice Pop memory game
  11. Cuddle & kind these stuffies are so gorgeous and proceeds go to a great cause!
  12. Barbie Dream Plane & pilot Dreading this giant piece of plastic taking up real estate in the playroom but when I told Ardyn “no”, she said, “ok, I’ll just ask Santa.” So into the cart it goes…
  13. doorables (…again, because I put it in twice and am too lazy to redo the collage)
  14. *TALKIES unicorn So, Q has the relay (a small device that connects to an app on the parents’ phone and functions almost like a walkie-talkie, replacing the need for a child to have a cell phone.) Well, this Talkies doll is like the younger kid version of the relay…without the $9.99 monthly fee! Ardyn will be able to sleep with her Talkie plush and message me or Ryan if she needs anything in the middle of the night. We can also set it up so she can send/receive messages from grandparents and cousins. You can also take the white mechanical box out of the plush and interchange it with other plush animals (there are versions for boys, too!) I love this Shark Tank find so much & I think Ardyn is going to love it too! Click on the link & watch the video to learn more about it!
  15. Frozen II Pop Adventures Love these little gems for travel/restaurants
  16. doll crib This crib is so pretty, Ardyn will love for her dolls and stuffed animals and and it won’t be a complete eye sore in her bedroom

For more toddler/baby girl gift ideas see this post and this post!


  1. Super Hero action figures & spiderman bag for carrying action figures, because Max needs to bring his “guys” EVERYWHERE he goes
  2. castle
  3. rey to z hats (use code JORDAN20)
  4. tool bench
  5. marvel magnet tin set great for on-the-go play!
  6. recycling truck I love this brand and they have other vehicles in their line, too!
  7. firehouse (for action figures) I feel like this one is just the right size for playing on the floor or table
  8. superhero capes & masks Max is super hero obsessed and will flip over this dress up set!
  9. Ostheimer Wooden Toys (we get a few to add to our collection every year. They are pricey but the quality is unmatched & they last forever!) Holztiger is a similar brand that is a bit more cost effective & they look just as cute! Bet you can’t even tell the difference between the $34 one and the $18 one pictured above!
  10. rocketship night light would be so cute paired with the astonaut helmet below
  11. character potty & underwear because we are determined to get this boy potty trained, eventually. Should prob just throw in a bag of M&Ms & some reward stickers on the list while we’re at it!
  12. astonaut helmet so cute for dress up
  13. Little Blue Truck Books & pjs LBT is Max’s favorite book, so we are stocking up on the other books in the series!

For more toddler/baby boy baby gift ideas see this post and this post!


Ok, this seems silly but Hearth & Home for Magnolia at Target killed it this year with their wooden toy collection. Linking some of my favs for you!

  1. Shaving Kit This Magnolia Line wooden shaving kit is EVERYTHING!
  2. Wooden Tree House– matches the big dollhouse of years past. Love it so much! If the big house is too much for you, check out this precious farmhouse! And you might as well grab this greenhouse & some extra furniture to go along with it all!
  3. Pool Set– We bought this last year for the dollhouse and it is a huge hit!
  4. Wooden Barn– I posted this last year but I just love it so much! I’d pair it with cuter animals. Like THESE or THESE. And with this tractor?! I die.
  5. Market Cart- So in love with this! Add some cute wooden food (more) & this cash register for extra fun play.
  6.  Kitchen Set One of the prettiest and simplest I’ve seen. It’s beautiful as is or if you are up for a little DIY this gem is full of potential!

(Me: adds whole collection to cart. Thanks Targèt!)



Since I don’t know much about what older boys are into, I just created this “share/fun-for-anyone” category where there’s a little bit of everything for everyone!

  1. Wobbel has so many uses and is great for balancing & imaginative play
  2. Games: *Astro trash This is like a kid version of Left, Right, Center. It’s fast, fun and best of all, there are no “turns”- everyone plays at the same time. It’s a race to the finish to clear your planet of “astro trash” in outerspace. What am I? game a super cute guessing game for younger kiddos
  3. Stars projector night light Got one of these for the girl’s rooms. Its the perfect interactive night light, with multiple settings/light/star shows
  4. *Relay | case & lanyard So, we bought Q the relay recently and absolutely love it. It functions through an app on your phone and works like a walkie-talkie with pre-approved phone numbers (aka mine & Ryan’s). I love it because it has GPS so I can track her whereabouts, I can get in touch with her & vice versa, and basically replaces the need for a cell phone. It’s great for when she gets out of dance early or needs to get in touch with me on a play date. There is a $9.99 monthly fee. SUCH a great product for parents who aren’t yet ready to hand their kids a phone.
  5. Speak & spell recently spotted this classic at Target and I’m getting it for my little emerging reader! Looking for more educational resources? Check out THIS POST!
  6. *Cinemood Projector perfect for movie nights outside or in bedrooms without tvs!
  7. Tomato soup crayons & Passport travel journals Such a cute twist on “crayons and a doodle pad”. We are always looking for engaging, on-the-go toys and activities
  8. Rocker speaker chair for gaming, movie watching, etc.
  9. Mail carrier fun for imaginative play
  10. Mini foosball great for any table top
  11. Make a mask kit
  12. Customized denim jacket Want these for all the kids!
  13. *Mini Loog learning guitar Q has decided she’d like to learn guitar…you know, in all her free time. So I figured this 3 string learning guitar would be a good place to start before making a bigger investment.
  14. Hologram viewer
  15. Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller With this little device, kids choose different elements to make up their own stories and listen to them right away! They choose the hero, setting, second character and object of their story and then it’s story time! Great for bedtime or travel! Can be used with or without headphones and includes 48 audio stories and different languages can be selected on the Luniistore.
  16. Small Card Games: Joke Wars game my girls would be SO into this game, *Harry Potter Dobble This is basically the British version of spot-it, which is one of our favorite games. An HP version would be a total hit! Kids Table Topics Love these for dinner time, and for lunch boxes!
  17. Ping Pong turn any table into a ping pong table
  18. Magic Tricks Q is convinced she’s going to be a magician when she grows up.
  19. *Learning Piano |stand My most asked about gift item!! It works as a keyboard alone, or if you download the app and plug in your ipad, it functions as a learning piano with light up keys. My girls absolutely love their and still use it regularly!
  20. USA puzzle one of our favorites!
  21. *ATM Piggy Bank In love with this product! This talking ATM machine has a digital screen, a debit card, and an electronic calculator that counts real money. Also functions as a safe. So cool! Q would love this! (also comes in pink)
  22. Functioning Claw Machine How fun would this be for your kids, for play dates, for parties, etc.? Fill will surprise packs, small toys, candies, etc. So cool!
  23. *Chippo Ok, this is a great gift for your husband OR child! It’s like a golf version of corn hole and guess who loves playing it the most in our house? Ardyn! I think we just found her new sport.

For more gift ideas for all ages see this post and this post!

screen time

  1. Nintendo Switch  We aren’t into video games and we don’t own one of these, but I did grow up on the nintendo classics and love that this is a little self-contained video game system. It’s full of the classics and easy to use. (Note: downloaded content can only be played when connected to the internet)
  2. Osmo– We got this for Q a few years ago for her ipad and just recently installed it. She says she plays it at school sometimes and loves it! I love that its educational and she thinks she’s getting a treat with screen time. They have come out with so many fun add on games for Osmo. This year, I’m getting Q this dectective game and pizza game add-on!
  3. Tiggly– another educational ipad add-on program. Its similar in theory to the Osmo, but geared more towards younger children. It’s great for letter/shape/number/sound recognition!
  4. Viofit Q has been begging for one of these “fit bit” watches. It tracks steps and sleep, allows kids to earn coins by doing chores and achieving goals, & tells time. I also love that you can buy solid replacement bands!


  1. 20″ bike (ages 6-8)
  2. training wheel bike
  3. balance bike w/basket
  4. balance bike option 2
  5. tricycle
  6. adjustable scooter
  7. 3-in-1 tricycle to balance bike (getting this one for Max!)
  8. Helmets: solid helmets (ages 3-7) fun print helmets (ages 2-7)
  9. dodge tag
  10. net swing My girls’ favorite swing ever that we lost when our backyard “swing tree” died at our old house. So excited to get one of these for them for the new yard!
  11. air surfer swing We had one of these in our front yard at the old house and my kids absolutely loved it
  12. *hoverboards A most-used outdoor toy at our house. There is definitely a learning curve though. Took the girls a day or two to pick it up…I’m still learning. 😉
  13. *roller sneakers On my girls “wish list” this year
  14. fins A cute alternative to the popular mermaid tails that we’ve owned in years past and always make me so nervous
  15. Fun chalk: pizza chalk|building block chalk|solar system chalk
  16. ride on push car Great for babies who are sitting independently up to age 2-3.
  17. see saw Thinking about getting this addition for our backyard.

For more fun outdoor gift ideas see this post and this post!

Spotlight Idea: A Real Mail Center

Teach your kiddos the art of snail mail! My girls will LOVE this. I’m creating this mail center in our house (& presenting it as a Christmas gift) in honor of our Aunt Patty who passed away a few weeks ago and who ALWAYS sent us the most fun mail.

mail center

A few items you’ll need:

Desk Organizer (for supplies) | Cute stationary from Joy Creative Shop (use code HOLIDAY15) | Lined Paper | Fun Postage Stamps (love these cute animals!) |Colored Pens|Rainbow Pencils |Highlighters (Aunt Patty used to highlight alllll the important words in her letters) |Stickers |Different Sized Envelopes |Ink Stampers just for fun- love this emoji set|Small Address Book (with pre-approved addresses in it) |Return Address Stamp I had one made for the kids to use!|”Happy Mail” Envelope Tape for a fun way to seal envelopes| Play Mailbox |Outgoing Mail sticker (putting this on our play mailbox to give it “authenticity”)

Get creative and make it your own! Whenever your kiddos put mail inside, make sure it’s addressed and posted correctly & ship it out! It will be so fun to see your kids’ excitement when they get letters back in the mail! Anyone want a new pen pal?  😉

for you

  • THE acrylic calendar y’all keep asking about I love mine and I use these vis à vis markers and kimwipes on it (so you don’t scratch the acrylic.) I keep one of these small glass spray bottles filled with water right next to my markers and wipes.
  • Chatbooks make them for you, make them for the grandparents. They’re a hit, all around. Use my code: 9XNLLZ4N for your first book free (up to $10)
  • Isbell Family Films send some videos or photos over to Kalee at Isbell Family Films and she’ll send you a result that will have you in tears, wondering what took you so long. Gift these memories to yourself, or better yet, ask for an Isbell Family Film from family members this Christmas! Use code: JORDAN15 for $15 off
  • Melatonin I don’t know about you, but I need me some of these after all that shopping & planning. Whew!  😉

And that’s a wrap, friends! I hope you can use this guide as a jumping-off point to get your lists checked off from the comfort of your own home; so that you can sit back, relax and be present with your families during the already crazy holiday season!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this! It is such a relief to have gift ideas to start with! The sooner I finish the gift purchases- the sooner I can relax and ENJOY all the family fun and activities without the added stress of wondering what gifts to give. Truly appreciate all the tie and effort you put into this! Makes the holidays less stressful for Moms everywhere!!!

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