Holiday Gift Guide for Adults

The most asked-for gift-guides that come my way are for the parents/inlaws, friends, and husbands/boyfriends. So here’s a quick look at some of my favorites in each of those categories! This is in no way comprehensive, but hopefully enough to get you started or give you some good ideas!


Parents/ In-laws

One little tip I always like to keep in mind: When shopping for your parents or in-laws, remember that yes, they LOVE your children, and yes they will probably LOVE a gift themed around the fact that they love your children, but try to at least stick one or two little gifts into the mix that cater towards their other life-interests! πŸ˜‰

Ex: My father in law loves golf and playing cards so we always try to gift him a golf shirt from a cool course Ryan has visited over the past year, or custom golf balls, or a custom playing card case, etc. My mother-in-law and my mom both love a local shop in Dallas, so we typically go shopping for something to gift them from that store and then pair it with a gift card and bring them shopping while they are in town visiting! And then, you know…all the grandkid themed gifts, too! πŸ˜‰

Here are a few of my fav picks for parents/in-laws:

  1. tic tac toe – looks so pretty on a coffee table, bonus points: your kids can play with it when visiting! πŸ˜‰
  2. Initial necklace– do a letter for each grandkid’s name! (If you really want to splurge on a piece that will last forever, get her the Maya Brenner orginal!)
  3. Vintage 5-in-1 Monopoly – this thing is part decoration, part actual game! It’s so beautiful- a collectors edition for sure!
  4. Cute PJ set from Roberta Roller Rabbit
  5. Personalized Apron– perfect if Grandpa or Grandma love to cook or have a favorite dish!
  6. Weighted Blanket– I love mine!
  7. Loopy Case– I love mine and therefor will gift them to any and all people!
  8. O-ring– everyone needs one. It’s a fact.
  9. Google Nest Home Hub– we love ours. Looks so pretty on the counter and is super handy/useful! (on SALE right now!)
  10. Legacy Box– digitalize old home movies/videos &Β  photos. Such a neat gift!
  11. Golfer’s Essentials
  12. Tile Tracker– they’ll never lose their keys or phone again.
  13. Chatbooks & Isbell Family Films– you know how I feel about making grandparents a photo album or family video. Could be from a recent trip you took together or a simple visit. Document & then get those files off your phone and into grandparents hands!!

Experience gifts for them! Set them up with a fun date with your kids, or better yet, get a sitter for the kids and you go hang one-on-one with them! When was the last time that happened? For whole family fun, you can all go ice-skating or to a local kids museum or pottery painting studio. For grown-up time, bring them out to a nice dinner and perhaps tickets to go see a show! Pamper your mom or MIL with a day at the spa together. Maybe you hubby and dad/FIL can go hit golf balls, go see that movie he knows YOU don’t want to see with him, hit up a shooting range, go wine tasting…or whatever is up their alley!





I like to say when I’m shopping for my friends, “Hmmm, what would I want for myself? Ok, perfect I’ll buy two!” πŸ˜‰

One of my favorite gifts I received from a friend was a card sayingΒ  “two things every girl needs in life is a good friend and great lashes”. She wrote me the sweetest note and then paired the card with a tube of Dior Black Out Mascara… and I was instantly hooked! So without further adieu…a few of my faves:

  1. Diorshow Blackout Mascara– duh…don’t forget the cute heartfelt card! πŸ˜‰
  2. Binge Watching Set– Ok. I need this. Pair with a bottle of wine AND your bestie
  3. Slip Pillowcase– totally hooked on mine! (not in the budget? Try the
  4. Slip scrunchies!)
  5. Truffle case– These cases are the best EVER! fill it with some goodies, like some
  6. RMS Beauty Makeup remover pads and
  7. Tata Harper Lip & Cheek Tint or raid the travel size bins at the Sephora checkout! πŸ˜‰
  8. A Great Pair of Earrings– I’m loving Neely Phelan lately!
  9. Personalized Stationery– No one really feels like spending money on their own fancy stationery (at least I don’t), so it really is the PERFECT gift to give. I’m always so grateful that I have a stash when I need it!
  10. Dark “Stain Me” Towels– for washing your makeup off. I’m so in love with these!
  11. Monogrammed Jewelry Case– got this as a gift once with some cute earrings inside and I still use it every time I travel!

Experience gifts for her! I was recently gifted a hair blowout & scalp massage at a local salon by one of my girlfriends and I just thought it was the sweetest gift ever! I can’t wait to use it! For your bestie: book two facials at a local spa and tell her to pick the date! Package it cute with a mini bottle of sparkling rose, a face mask, etc.! Does she get her nails, eyebrows, lashes done regularly? Consider a gift card to her favorite salon/spa! She’ll totally appreciate it!




Ok, this is hard. Ryan and I aren’t doing Christmas gifts this year since we just moved into the new house and all, but I feel your pain with the guys…why are they so hard to shop for? Here are some things that Ryan either has and loves or I think that he would!

  1. Golfer’s Essentials set– I put this above for grandpa, but this would be cute for a golf-loving hubby too
  2. AmpCaddy- a bluetooth golf cart speaker
  3. Jack Henry Pomade– I love this brand!
  4. Coravin– I always assume that everyone knows about this but I was just talking to someone the other day who had never heard of it, so here goes. We use ours ALL the time. It’s a contraption that allows you to pour one glass at a time from expensive/nice bottles of wine without compromising the wine/cork! No more wasting wine! It’s genius. Click the link to learn more! This one is 25% off!
  5. Stitch Travel Bag- this opens to a garment bag, then zips up into a duffle with room inside for shoes/toiletries. It’s the coolest thing! Ryan is obsessed with his. Whole site is 30% off this week
  6. Dopp Kit– same brand. Monogram with initials. On sale!
  7. Go Pro– I’m the photo and video taker of the family, but Ryan has so much fun with his gopro. He mounts it on the kids’ helmets when skiing and takes it underwater on beach vacations without worrying about damaging his phone.
  8. Products- I typically get Ryan new products every Christmas/ birthday. He’s loved the Jack Black products in the past but is into this Maapilim brand right now.
  9. Lululemon Sweat Pants– perfect for lounging or travel
  10. Surf Tribe– an awesome coffee table book for my surf lover. If your guy isn’t into surfing just google Assouline Books. They are pricey but so so gorgeous and come in SO many different styles/subjects!

Experience gifts for him! If dates nights are as hard to come by for you as they are for us, your guy will LOVE this! Set up a sitter and a whole date night. Package it in a cute way! Dinner, movie, indoor sky diving, top golf, etc! Another great gift idea we’ve done is a couples class at Sur la Table! Ryan and I went and learned how to make fresh pasta, then had a big dinner party at our house where we taught everyone and we all cooked & ate together. It was SO much fun!

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