Teacher Favorites

Teacher Favorites

At our preschool, the Parents' Club sends out an email at the beginning of the year with filled out "Teacher Favorites" forms for each member of the school staff. It's always SUCH a helpful tool of reference; when a teacher has a birthday, during the holidays, at the end of the year, or any time [...]

Father’s Day 6.0

Father’s Day 6.0

It's that time again... Each and every year I search the house for that same old blue and brown striped tie of Ryan's, that old Tom Ford bowtie he wore only once, and the ratty old American flag hat that happens to be his favorite. Every year I promise myself that I'm going to hide [...]

Graduation Book

The general idea: Chose a book for each child Ask child's teacher to sign it at the end of each school year Present book to your child at a crucial point in their educational career (8th grade/high school graduation)   The Details: So I found this idea on Pinterest forever ago and, having been a [...]

THE Baby Favorites Post

Here it is- finally! The Big Baby Favorites Post I’ve been promising!! I get asked lots of questions on Instagram about my favorite “this” or “that” or get asked to link an item Max is using. SO, I figured it’d just be easier to compile one, big, easy-to-navigate blog post with ALL the information I could think of! Now you can come back and…

Royal Baby Collection

Ok, friends- whether YOU are having a baby or you know someone who IS, I've got you covered! I've paired some items from Baby Boden's brand new lines: A Very British Baby Collection and Baby Cashmere Collection (click those links to browse!) with a few of the sweetest baby trinkets I could find, to make sure [...]

Easter Baskets

Before I get started let me just say that Easter baskets are my favorite! They are so fun to put together & shop for without the stress that comes with Christmas. Growing up, I remember a few things that my Easter baskets ALWAYS contained, year-after-year without fail. They were: 1. Something cozy (like new pjs, [...]