Thanksgiving/Fall Books


Ok, guys. I have a little secret: Thanksgiving books miiiiiight be my FAVORITE holiday genre (ok, ok…right after Christmas). I just looove all the rich illustrations and the sweet messages of family, story-telling, tradition, and gratitude. These are the kind of books that make you want to curl up next to the fireplace with your kiddos, a cozy blanket and some hot chocolate! I hope you like my picks & find something new to add to your holiday book collection! Don’t forget to scroll for picks from years past!

And don’t tell anyone but I MIGHT like this year’s selection more than last year’s!



Ok, welllll, I had all intentions of keeping this year’s “new finds” to like 3 books, but holy SMOKES! I can’t believe how many precious books I dug up this year. I just had to share them all! (Click links for book descriptions to find your favorite few! )

  1. The Thank You Dish
  2. Apple Cake
  3. The Hundred Year Barn
  4. The Scarecrow
  5. Porcupine’s Pie
  6. The Thank You Book
  7. We are Family
  8. Home
  9. Today
  10. A Thank You Walk
  11. Tiny Perfect Things
  12. The Map of Good Memories
  13. The Little Gardener
  14. Thank you for Thankgiving
  15. Five Little Thank Yous
  16. Hello Harvest Moon
  17. A Very Thankful Prayer
  18. Leaves
  19. *The Little Guys
  20. Little Acorn
  21. Autumn
  22. *We Gather Together


(*= my personal favorites!)

  1. Nuts to You!
  2. *Sweep
  3. Peace is an Offering
  4. *Storm
  5. A Tree for All Seasons
  6. Fall Leaves
  7. Bear Has a Story to Tell
  8. Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf
  9. What was the First Thankgiving?
  10. Thomas Turkey’s Terrible Tricks
  11. Tap the Magic Tree
  12. *Thanksgiving in the Woods
  13. Awesome Autumn
  14. *Anne of Green Gables
  15. Tiny, Perfect Things
  16. Seeds and Trees
  17. Fall Mixed Up
  18. We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt
  19. Autumn Forest
  20. We Gather Together
  21. *Balloons Over Broadway
  22. Turkey Trouble
  23. A Plump and Perky Turkey
  24. The Scarecrow’s Hat
  25. *Thanksgiving Rules


  1. Magic Tree House:Thanksgiving on Thursday
  2. *Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn
  3. Little Red Hen
  4. This Little Turkey
  5. Because of an Acorn
  6. The Girl and the Bicycle
  7. Thanksgiving is Here
  8. The Little Yellow Leaf
  9. The Tale of Three Trees
  10. 10 Fat Turkeys
  11. When Autumn Comes
  12. Ask Me
  13. *The Giving Tree
  14. Thank You, Thanksgiving
  15. The Apple Pie Tree
  16. Yellowtime
  17. Fletcher and the Falling Leaves
  18. *Sharing the Bread
  19. Cranberry Thanksgiving
  20. The Thanksgiving Story
  21. Leaf Man
  22. Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation
  23. *The Relatives Came
  24. Thankful

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