Detox Bath

Here are the links to my Detox Bath Bathroom Organization! Scroll Down for the recipe! 🙂

Organization Supplies:

Baking Soda Container

Vinegar Bottle (similar)

Epsom Salt Container

Wooden Scoop Rest

Gold Measuring Cup Set

Glass Measuring Cup

Fake Plant (similar): option 1 | option 2 | option 3


Coconut Oil Pump/Soap Dispener

Lazy Susan

Marble Tray

Skinny Basket (similar)

Wooden bench

Bath Mat

Bath Tray (similar)

Seagrass Candle

Detox Bath Ingredients:

Magnesium Flakes (my favorite)

Baking Soda

Himalayan Sea Salt

Coconut Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar


Here is the recipe I use for myself and my littles when we aren’t feeling 100%.

PLEASE consult your doctor/pediatrician first (especially for young children)!

-run a warm bath
-boil 2c water
-put boiling water in mason jar or glass measuring cup
-add 1/4c pink Himalayan salt to the glass container (I prefer the whole crystals)
-add 1/4c magnesium flakes (or favorite Epsom salt) to the glass container
(the boiling water step just helps the crystals dissolve faster)
-add 1/4c baking soda *OVER THE TUB* to the glass container
-pour entirety of the container into the warm tub water
-add 1/4c apple cider vinegar to tub
-10 drops favorite essential oil
– a few pumps of favorite clean oil (I like fractionated coconut)
-mix it all up
-soak 30 min
* don’t forget to drink lots of water while soaking and afterwards!
🛁 🦠🫧✨🌱💪🏻🤒

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