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Click the corresponding numbers below for links! 1| 2| 3|4 | 5| 6| 7|8 |9|10| 11|12|13|14 |15 |16       Click the corresponding numbers below for links! 1|2|3 (for toddler size click-HERE) | 4|5 |6 | 7|8 | 9|     Tips to help you find the right racket size! Where to take tennis [...]

Monthly Book Nooks

Your "landing spot" for ALL Monthly Book Nook posts, to date!   Book Nook themes, ideas, and LINKS by month: January 2018 | 2019 ( themes: new beginnings, kindness, acceptance) February (themes: Valentines, President's Day, Black History Month) March (themes: St. Patricks' Day, rainbows, luck, spring) April-May (themes: spring, Easter, new life, gardening, nature) Graduation [...]

Skin Care: Part 2

Skin Care: Part 2

OTHER TOOLS & PRODUCTS   FACIAL TOOLS: Foreo- I used to use my clarisonic to cleanse my skin at night until Samantha (my esthetician friend in case you missed Skincare: Part 1 !) warned me that they can harbor bacteria so I switched over to a Foreo Brush. The full sized one is a bit [...]