Say YES Spring Break


I mentioned on Instagram that I am, most often, a “no” mom. I say no to things that will be too messy or that I don’t think we have time for, things (like annoying games with too many rules!) that just sound like a headache. But with the upcoming weeks of quarantine & uncertainty, I’m going to really make an effort to use this time together intentionally. My kids know about COVID-19, but I want them to look back on this time with happy memories, not fear and panic. So, the girls and I sat down and made a Spring Break Bucket List full of all the fun things I’d normally say “no” to. We are calling this time together:

Our “Say YES Spring Break”!

Even if it’s not your Spring Break (Spring Break just sounds way less scary than “quarantine”) I encourage you to do the same & tag #SayYESSpringBreak on Instagram anytime you find yourself saying yes to things you otherwise wouldn’t! Let’s encourage others, share ideas & use this time to bond as a family & make memories.


Games & Activities:

Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt

Astrotrash Game

Weird But True Game

Disney Color Brain

Disney Eye Found It Game

Discover American Puzzle & Play


Bracelet Making

Paint on Canvases (study a famous artist on BrainPopJr or Art Hub Drawing & try to recreate one of their pieces!)

Plant a Garden

Lacing Cards

Learn to Sew Kit | Embroidery for Beginners

Hedbanz (Disney version | Harry Potter Version )

Charades for Kids

Shrinky Dink keychains

playdoh /foam / slime /kinetic sand (i know, i know…but #sayYESspringbreak 😉 )



FREE Activities (ideas YOU sent in on Instagram!)

-Go on a walk/ride bikes

-Dump out your craft bin (if you have one) & see what you can make

-Make signs of support for local grocery stores

-Write letters to the elderly in Nursing Homes (DM me if you need an address!)

-Write letters to friends/cousins/penpals

Virtual Museum Tours

-Spa Day: do manis/pedis, make-up, hair for one another

-Outdoor Olympics

-Create a snack list on Amazon Fresh to be delivered to the Ronald McDonald House


-Try learning an instrument you have been wanting to learn (lessons online)

Cosmic Yoga

-Make Puppets out of things around the house, have a puppet show

-Built tent forts! Hang twinkle lights & read in them!

-Make snack bags and see if you can drop at a local school (where children are still able to pick up lunches) OR call local Food Banks to see what they need

-sidewalk chalk

-Bake/cook together/make ice cream sundaes/s’mores/milkshakes, etc.

-Paint “happy” rocks and leave them around the neighborhood when you go on walks

-Family Talent Show


-Movie Night

-Read a book aloud together as a family (or listen to an audiobook by the fire!)

-FaceTime Family Members

-Start painting wooden eggs for Easter

-Set up Your Easter/Spring Book Nook!

Go Noodle Dance Competitions

-Bath with some legos or glow sticks


**For Educational or Homeschooling resources, see this post: Education Resources**


Let me know if you come up with any other great ideas and I’ll add them to this list as they come in!

We’ve got this.



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