Summer Journals

  "THE Summer Journal Post" Well, for six years now I've sworn that I had a "Summer Journal Blog Post" (actually referred to it regularly..."Oh, just check out my blog post!"). It was only when people were complaining on Instagram that they were having trouble finding it, that I realized I had, in fact, never [...]

Meal Planning

I know what you're thinking....Did I just misspell, "Favorite Take-Out Restaurants"? What can I say, this quarantine has turned me into a person who...cooks. Can you believe it?! ME, the self-designated "worst cook in America", in the kitchen, serving up meals... multiple times a day. I mean, I think we all know & understand that [...]

Holiday Gift Guide for Adults

The most asked-for gift-guides that come my way are for the parents/inlaws, friends, and husbands/boyfriends. So here's a quick look at some of my favorites in each of those categories! This is in no way comprehensive, but hopefully enough to get you started or give you some good ideas! Parents/ In-laws One little tip I [...]

Nutcracker Dresses

Ok, you've been asking- so here it is. A round-up of some of my favorite looks for your little ones to wear to the Nutcracker! (Although these can pretty much be worn to any holiday event/party!) I broke down my picks into three different styles... Classic: One of my favorite looks! I love how innocent [...]

Thanksgiving/Fall Books

  Ok, guys. I have a little secret: Thanksgiving books miiiiiight be my FAVORITE holiday genre (ok, ok...right after Christmas). I just looove all the rich illustrations and the sweet messages of family, story-telling, tradition, and gratitude. These are the kind of books that make you want to curl up next to the fireplace with [...]

Holiday Books

Holiday Books

Hi friends! If you've been following along for a while, you know that I've been sharing my seasonal "book nook" picks with you for several years now, and I've finally compiled all of my Holiday book picks into ONE neat post, so that you don't need to go hopping from year to year to find [...]

Halloween Movies

Halloween Movies

  We love a good themed family movie night, Halloween movies included--but let's just say none of us are big fans of scary movies...especially if those movies mean nightmares and kids standing at the foot of our beds at 3am, amiright?! So, after watching WAAAAY too many trailers and stopping way too many movies 20 [...]