Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine Gift Ideas

Ok, better late than never, right? The good news is, lots of these Valentine's Gift Giving ideas are super affordable and can be purchased & here in time for the big day!   FOR YOUR KIDDOS My mom always says, "Don't set expectations you don't intend to keep." Translation: Do I want to spoil my [...]

“Sponge Cakes”, Tea Cups, and Bunnies…Oh my!

Ready for the cutest little bunny-filled craft idea EVER? Read the steps below for a simple "sponge cake" recipe for your little one's next tea party! (bunnies optional) Step One: gather your supplies. You will need: sponges of all different shapes, colors and sizes (you can always buy a big one and cut it into [...]

Halloween DIY Ideas

Halloween DIY Ideas

So I've already purchased costumed for the kids this year, but that didn't stop me from accepting this "DIY Halloween Challenge"! I love a good challenge...especially when it involves costumes, and this was a great way to get the girl's involved in some Halloween fun & crafting! Since the kiddos are doing a theme group [...]

Reindeer Food

  This is a tradition that dates waaay back to when I was a little girl. I believe one of my grade school teachers gave us a baggie labeled "Reindeer Food" as our favor at a class Christmas party. I remember excitedly toting this mysterious bag home and explaining the attached directions/poem to my parents. [...]

Q’s Mermaid Party

Well, as promised, here is the Official "Mermaid Party Blog Post"...and only 2 months late. Not bad for my blog-slacking self! So, my little lover of all things Mermaid only wanted one thing for her birthday this year and that was to swim with a REAL mermaid. Real, people. So off I went to the [...]

Quinlin’s 3rd Birthday

So, yes I'm a little behind on blogging. I intend to try and catch up...starting with Q's birthday shoot. From August.  Mama decided she was too tired (and too pregnant) to throw an at-home birthday party, so we had it at this wonderful place called The Coop. The theme was "A Mid-Summer Knight's Dreamy" and [...]