Q’s Mermaid Party

Well, as promised, here is the Official “Mermaid Party Blog Post”…and only 2 months late. Not bad for my blog-slacking self!

So, my little lover of all things Mermaid only wanted one thing for her birthday this year and that was to swim with a REAL mermaid. Real, people.

So off I went to the Magical world of Google to make Q’s birthday wish come true. Luckily I had remembered going to see The Little Mermaid the musical earlier in the year and seeing “live mermaids” lounging in the lobby fountain. So I went in search and found the exact company I was looking for. It’s called MerFriends & y’all- this company is AH-MAZING!  My only complaint was that because of the swimming factor, our group size was limited. We tried to balance by inviting a few of our oldest friends and a few new. It worked out perfectly in the end, but I still wish we could’ve invited everyone we know…because it was a day totally worth sharing!

So here you are, images and some deets from My Little Mermaid’s 5th Birthday…


An under sea treasure box and bedazzled dinglehoppers were the main attraction at the girls’ table. Backdrop was made from two shower curtains and some homemade jellyfish. Thanks Hobby Lobby & Amazon. 😉
The Mermaid Makeover station was the hit of the party. MerFriends has a “mermaid makeover” service that you can add to your package, so of course I took the idea and ran with it. I handmade tiny mermaid clips for each girl to keep and ordered these sweet aqua sea creature bracelets from MichelleAndCompany on etsy and lots of extra pearl necklaces from Amazon. I wanted the girls to be able to go home in their full Mermaid makeover bedazzlement!
Favors were mermaid swimming tails and seashell bathing suit tops. Never thought to take a picture before wrapping them up!
Dessert Table (before I scattered sand and glitter confetti). We had gummy sharks, pirate’s booty, goldfish, and some “seaweed” made from sour straws. We got her adorable cake from Celebrity Bakery!


The girls pretty much couldn’t wait for the party to start. Ardyn totally thought it was her party too. Q’s mermaid skirt is from Carken Design and “Merbabe Life” tank is from Lola and Darla.
When Ariel arrived WITH Peter Pan, there was complete silence among the group… followed by  intense ear-drum shattering shrieks that only five-year-old girls can produce.
MerFriends brought each girl her OWN mermaid tail to swim in for the day, along with life jackets for each girl (all for a price, of course). Ariel gave the tiny mermaids a lesson in combing their hair with a dinglehopper- and in swimming like a mermaid, of course. At the end, they had a Mermaid Princess Coronation for Q (complete with a crown) and paraded her around the pool in this awesome seashell float I found at Urban Outfitters. MerFriends also offered lifeguard services, which we took advantage of, so the girls were extra safe while swimming!


After Mermaid tricks, it was time for the Mermaid Makeovers. This was by far the girls’ favorite part. They got glitter eyeshadow, glitter nailpolish, glitter hair spray, rainbow scales on their arms and the jewlery and hair clip! Yeah, we are pretty much STILL finding glitter in the backyard.
Next came cake! (Please excuse my cake cutting skills.) Celebrity did such an awesome job with the whole cake & I loved the purple ombrè center. Plus, it was delicious to boot. (I know, because I ate all of the leftovers.)


Next the MerFriends handed out additional goodie bags (mini treasure boxes filled with loot) out of the giant treasure box they brought along with them and then posed for lots (and LOTS) of pictures.  Q’s swimsuit and A’s bottoms from Kortni Jean .
It was pretty much the best day; one I hope she’ll remember forever. (Mostly because she’s not getting another party for a few years.” 😉

Happy “Whole Hand” Birthday, Q!

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