Class Valentines

*Don't forget to scroll to the bottom for a fun giveaway!* Don't have Valentine's yet? Don't panic! Here's what we did this year, along with links for everything to make this as painless as possible! 😉 For the girls: OB-sessed with these clips in general...but giving them out as Galentines? Genius! You can still order [...]

Thank You: say it, write it, make it pretty

So, let me start off by saying- I'm not an etiquette expert ( any means!) but I do bring hostess gifts to parties and I am a stickler for a hand-written thank you cards. In a world where EVERYTHING is done and accomplished through a screen and a keyboard, I'm a firm believe that a [...]

Q Turns Six!

Q Turns Six!

So Q wanted two things for her birthday party this year: A big "rainbow unicorn party" at the house Mermaids in the pool-doing tricks Soooo, instead I offered her option #3: A rainbow party at a local kids gym. Free of mermaids AND messy post-party house. Winning all around. The place was perfectly "rainbow" themed [...]

Q’s Mermaid Party

Well, as promised, here is the Official "Mermaid Party Blog Post"...and only 2 months late. Not bad for my blog-slacking self! So, my little lover of all things Mermaid only wanted one thing for her birthday this year and that was to swim with a REAL mermaid. Real, people. So off I went to the [...]

Quinlin’s 3rd Birthday

So, yes I'm a little behind on blogging. I intend to try and catch up...starting with Q's birthday shoot. From August.  Mama decided she was too tired (and too pregnant) to throw an at-home birthday party, so we had it at this wonderful place called The Coop. The theme was "A Mid-Summer Knight's Dreamy" and [...]