Valentine Gift Ideas

  • Ok, better late than never, right? The good news is, lots of these Valentine’s Gift Giving ideas are super affordable and can be purchased & here in time for the big day!




My mom always says, “Don’t set expectations you don’t intend to keep.”


  • Do I want to spoil my kiddos with overflowing baskets on Valentine’s Day because I love them and because gift-giving is my love language? Yes.
  • If I do this one year, will they they expect this every single year and be disappointed the year that I don’t/can’t do it. Also yes.

So- we keep it small and simple on V-day. Just a little surprise for them to open. And hey, if you do it up BIG…good for you! If you don’t- that’s awesome, too! To each their own, right? We like to do it up a bit at Easter (see my Easter basket post HERE) – so there’s no judgement here if your house looks like Christmas morning on Valentine’s Day or if you just give your kiddos a big hug and tell them how much you love them an extra amount of times! This is just what we do. 🙂


I found these super cute tin pails at Hobby Lobby. I got white for the girls and red for Max! I can use them year after year and they are small enough to prevent me from trying to fill them with TOO much junk! 😉

What the girls are getting: a candy necklace, JoJo Siwa bath bomb, heart cookie, enamel pins, a few surprise packs (ALL from Target) and a cute little sequins mermaid tail key ring for their backpacks (from Hobby Lobby). I might throw a new book in each girl’s pail from my recent Usborne haul.

What Max is getting: “Feelings” felt activity book, some Annie’s gummies, (both from Target)  a Paw Patrol surprise pack, and Mickey Mouse lollipop spinner (both from Hobby Lobby)





  • For Max- We went easy. I didn’t want to do candy for toddlers and lots of the cheap toys I found were borderline chokeables. So back to my old applesauce pouch it is! My sweet and crazy talented friend Steph from Joy Creative Shop (our kiddos go to school together and she is literally one of the sweetest humans ever!) created these (and ALL of my) tags this year! How CUUUTE are these Awesome Sauce tags?! Add some cute ribbon and boom- easiest, cheapest valentine’s ever!



  • For Ardyn-  I always love to think of non-candy ideas, especially while they are still little and before you become “the lame mom who gives crayons” in elementary school…ahem, Q!! I think these “I heart U” crayon sets from the sweet mama @kelseypaigefrazier on IG are just SO precious and the kiddos will love them. They were the most expensive of all the class valentines I did this year, but Ardyn’s preschool class is super small so it worked out! These would be great to give out to just close friends or if you have a small class, too! Of, course the Joy Creative Shop “Color My World” tags were the PERFECT addition!!



  • For Quinlin-  For Q’s fairly large class, I wanted something on the cheaper/easier side. I found this big containers of individually wrapped cookies at Target! They were called “DecoCookies” and came 8 to a box. I slapped on some simple, yet precious sticker tags from Joy Creative Shop and boom- cheap & easy!




Ok, the KEY to my Teacher Valentines this year was THIS precious printable Joy Creative Shop made for me. Have your kiddo fill it out and it instantly makes ANY little treat you give more personal and meaningful!!

Best news EVER? Steph created these as FREEEEEEE printables for YOU! All you need to do is sign up for her newletter- hurry, run!!! I plan on filling them out for each of my kiddos and sticking them in their Valentines buckets, too!

A few ideas to pair with your printables:


  • Pair your printable with some beautiful heart stationary or initial notepad from Joy Creative Shop and a cute pen!


  • Found this sweet heart clip board at Hobby Lobby. I used some transfer letters (also from HL) to personalize the clipboard with the teacher’s name!


  • Literally ANY little treat! The tiny mason jars were in the $ spot at Target and I filled them with these sour hearts from Target and the XO gummies from Trader Joes. Another cute idea- paper heart boxes (craft section at Target) filled with some heart shaped candies. Orrrr…my favorite idea: A perfectly sweet cupcake from your local bakery, wrapped up with some cute twine! (white cupcake boxes from Hobby Lobby!)

Seriously, these Joy Creative Shop printables work with ANYTHING! I’m obsessed! Go get yours—> HERE!




Create a mini Chatbook photo book with pics from a recent trip or a fun memory and pair with your Joy Creative Shop printable! Seriously, how cute is that!?! New to Chatbooks? Click HERE for $10 off your first book order!




Pretty much obsessed with the idea of a funny mug (SimplyMade Greetings are my FAVORITE!) filled with some candy and paired with a cute O-Ring key chain from O-Venture ( My favorite gift to give!)  Fill with some candies, maybe a can of prosecco and don’t forget to add a sweet printable to tell your gal pal why you adore her so much…even if it is because she loves wines as much as you! 😉

Have you ever received a Galentine? I received my first EVER Galentine from none other than Steph from Joy Creative last year and, I mean…it MADE. MY. DAY!



Ryan and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day, but if we did- I’d give him a “Date Night” coupon- line up a sitter & make reservations to a fun new restaurant we’ve never been to before!





Happy Heart Day, friends!






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