Q Turns Six!

2017-08-28_0013So Q wanted two things for her birthday party this year:

  1. A big “rainbow unicorn party” at the house
  2. Mermaids in the pool-doing tricks

Soooo, instead I offered her option #3: A rainbow party at a local kids gym. Free of mermaids AND messy post-party house. Winning all around.

The place was perfectly “rainbow” themed as is, so all we had to do was add some fun decor, and of course, we can’t forget themed birthday attire!


Q’s adorable rainbow leotard was custom made from The Leotard Shop and the gorgeous rainbow layered cake (which was pretty much the hit of the party) was from Society Bakery. I mean, it was either the cake or the mountain of candy I had laid out on the kids’ tables…not sure which one was the clear winner. You’re welcome, parents. 😉 Since Society Bakery doesn’t do fondant, I ordered this custom cake topper from Sugar Decor by Letty. It was the perfect addition to the cake! I think my favorite details of the day were the adorable sunshine paper plates and cloud napkins from Meri Meri. I just love all of their stuff so much! (They also made the party hats and goodie bags!)2017-08-28_00052017-08-28_0001

For the main table, I made gumball filled “6” centerpieces and then decorated the tables with jars filled with all sorts of rainbow colored treats and candies. Each kid got a takeaway carton with little tags that said either “fill me up, buttercup” or “taste the rainbow”. They filled these up with the treats on the table and brought them home as favors. Again, parents- you’re welcome!2017-08-28_0007

I also scattered rainbow colored glass jars from Hobby Lobby all over the tables and filled them with crayons. I then had coloring sheets and stickers scattered about. Once the kids hit the table, they had plenty to occupy their time and attention while they ate lunch.2017-08-28_0008

For goodie bags, I stuffed each bag with a rainbow lollipop, a slinky, a rainbow crayon, bubbles, and my favorite favor: these adorable tins of scented play dough from ZDough. Working with Kira to create custom doughs was so much fun! We went with rainbow colors and she stamped them all with different sayings like, “Happy Birthday!”, “Thank You!”, “Q”, and “6”. Each dough came with a packet of glitter to be mixed into the dough for extra fun play and they came packed in a super cute paper sack. These favors were a HIT at the party…some of the kids even tore into them at the table before they left the party! I highly recommend these as a fun & different favor idea!!2017-08-28_00062017-08-28_0011

Next,  I worked with the talented A Dancing Baker to create these absolutely adorable rainbow cookies. Quin just about flipped her lid when she saw that the clouds had edible glitter on them!! They were so pretty, I almost didn’t want to eat them. Almost. But good thing I caved, because holy cow…they were DELICIOUS!!2017-08-28_0012

The party room was pretty “colorful” as is, but I ordered this awesome rainbow balloon arch and some other filler balloons from Balloons Everyday! They are in the DFW area and were so amazing to work with…they’ll be my party balloon go-to for all future party needs for sure!!2017-08-28_00102017-08-28_0004

The kids had a blast running around the gym and Q was on cloud nine, so I think it’s safe to say that the party was a sucess…and Q didn’t even miss the performing mermaids in the end! 😉2017-08-28_0009


Q’s Rainbow Outfit Shop Links: Dress (last summer), Boots, Socks, Headband

Cubby’s Yellow Leotard: Alice & Ames

Rainbow Canvas: Home Goods

Paper Umbrella, Letter Q, Glass conatiners, fun letterboard letters, and random decor: Hobby Lobby

White Letterboard: Letterfolk

Pink “Party” Balloon: Pretty Little Social

Happy 6, my sweet Rainbow girl! Let’s take this next year nice & slow!

3 thoughts on “Q Turns Six!

  1. Hi there! just wondering where the striped tablecloth/runner is from? I can’t find anything I like for my daughters party. I love this one! Thanks!

    1. Hi!! Ohhh those were actually those “paper placemats” that party stores sell. They come like in a giant pad (looks like a big pad of paper). If you go to Cub’s ballet party we used them in a different style and I think I might have the brand tagged! Maybe that can help you track them down! I got mine at a local party store called Swoozies if that helps! 🙂

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