Newborn Session


So, it seemed fitting that since he is about to turn four months…

FOUR! (HOW in the world?!)

…that it was due time to finally post Max’s newborn photos. Don’t judge. Life is crazy, you guys. Mothers of three or more…How. Do. You. Do. It?!?!? Like, besides hiring a personal chef, full-time nanny, glam squad, and a round-the-clock housekeeper…how? Just, how? I need all the answers!

Anyways, without further chatter …(cause I know you’re all just scrolling right past these words to the pics…don’t think I don’t see you.) here are the photos from little Man-Man’s newborn session:


Note: My poor Q came home from school not feeling so great the day of pictures, with our photographer (the amazing Leah Cook) already there. So, we just went with it. If you think she looks a little less-chipper than usual or is missing from some of the pics, that’s why. Poor babe!


Gah, look at how tiny he was! He hardly looks like the same baby. These pics make me so sad…sad that he’s already no longer considered a “newborn” and is now an infant.


Ugh. I struggled so much with these early days. I knew he was our last babe and I wanted so desperately to keep him teeny teeny tiny. But at the same time, I longed for the days when he was just a few months older, a bit less fragile and a bit less fussy. I’ve never had easy babies (not ONE!) so I guess I wasn’t too surprised to learn that Max fell into the same “difficult” category. He’s getting a little better every day, but let’s be honest, he’s still up alllllll night long wanting to snuggle and nurse. Such a Mama’s Boy! πŸ˜‰

2017-08-23_00402017-08-23_00412017-08-23_00422017-08-23_00432017-08-23_00442017-08-23_00182017-08-23_00202017-08-23_00212017-08-23_00222017-08-23_00232017-08-23_00242017-08-23_00252017-08-23_00262017-08-23_0027Watching “Mac” with his little Max has to be the sweetest thing ever. It’s funny how relationships form differently right off the bat. There’s no denying the way Ryan looks at his son…(not to be confused with the “I’m completely wrapped and twisted and tangled and super-glued around your tiny finger” look he gave to his girls!) πŸ˜‰

2017-08-23_00322017-08-23_00282017-08-23_00292017-08-23_00302017-08-23_00312017-08-23_00332017-08-23_00342017-08-23_0039Max’s room was such a labor of love- designed with a beach/surf theme for his Californian daddy. If you want to read and see more about Max’s room with clickable links check out THIS post! πŸ˜‰


Poor, sweet Q. We all know she would’ve been hammin’ it up for the camera if she was feeling better! Such a bummer…

2017-08-23_00452017-08-23_00462017-08-23_00482017-08-23_00522017-08-23_00492017-08-23_00532017-08-23_0050Sweetest Max, baby. We sure do love you a whole lot. You can go right ahead and stop growing now, ok? 2017-08-23_00472017-08-23_0051

All photos by my sweet friend: the incredible Leah Cook Photography

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