Favorite Christmas Pjs!

Favorite Christmas Pjs!

Pour the hot coco and put on your favorite Holiday movie....it's Christmas Jammie time, people!!! Christmas pjs are my absolute FAVORITE and I've rounded up some of the sets I'm loving this year! Why now? It's only mid-November! Well, because just like with popular gifts, some of these pjs will sell out...and if you want [...]

THE Baby Favorites Post

Here it is- finally! The Big Baby Favorites Post I’ve been promising!! I get asked lots of questions on Instagram about my favorite “this” or “that” or get asked to link an item Max is using. SO, I figured it’d just be easier to compile one, big, easy-to-navigate blog post with ALL the information I could think of! Now you can come back and…

Royal Baby Collection

Ok, friends- whether YOU are having a baby or you know someone who IS, I've got you covered! I've paired some items from Baby Boden's brand new lines: A Very British Baby Collection and Baby Cashmere Collection (click those links to browse!) with a few of the sweetest baby trinkets I could find, to make sure [...]

First Foods & A Giveaway

Disclaimer: I want to start by saying that I am fully aware that there are many people/organizations out there who believe breast milk is and should be the only source of nutrition a child needs/receives until 6-12 months of age.  I completely value and respect those opinions. What I'm going to talk about on my [...]

Newborn Session

So, it seemed fitting that since he is about to turn four months... FOUR! (HOW in the world?!) ...that it was due time to finally post Max's newborn photos. Don't judge. Life is crazy, you guys. Mothers of three or more...How. Do. You. Do. It?!?!? Like, besides hiring a personal chef, full-time nanny, glam squad, [...]

Before & After

A month before birth and a month after. Crazy- these tricks time plays on us. How is it that the top photo was just taken yesterday ( I swear it!) and yet the bottom picture feels like the way life has been for as long as I can remember?? Must be the exhaustion setting in. [...]

Dear Max

Sweetest Baby Boy of Mine, I honestly cannot believe that you are here, and have been in our lives for one month already! It feels like life before you has already become a hazy blur and yet I can remember the day we first met like it was only just yesterday. We went through so [...]

My 20 Newborn Essentials

I can't even believe I'm sitting here typing this...with sweet Baby Max right next to me! I'm still in complete shock that he is actually here and that my list-making and planning  for his arrival are now over. Of course, with his birth comes a whole new set of lists and must-haves- that's right: Newborn [...]