Newborn Session

So, it seemed fitting that since he is about to turn four months... FOUR! (HOW in the world?!) ...that it was due time to finally post Max's newborn photos. Don't judge. Life is crazy, you guys. Mothers of three or more...How. Do. You. Do. It?!?!? Like, besides hiring a personal chef, full-time nanny, glam squad, [...]

Before & After

A month before birth and a month after. Crazy- these tricks time plays on us. How is it that the top photo was just taken yesterday ( I swear it!) and yet the bottom picture feels like the way life has been for as long as I can remember?? Must be the exhaustion setting in. [...]

Dear Max

Sweetest Baby Boy of Mine, I honestly cannot believe that you are here, and have been in our lives for one month already! It feels like life before you has already become a hazy blur and yet I can remember the day we first met like it was only just yesterday. We went through so [...]

My 20 Newborn Essentials

I can't even believe I'm sitting here typing this...with sweet Baby Max right next to me! I'm still in complete shock that he is actually here and that my list-making and planning  for his arrival are now over. Of course, with his birth comes a whole new set of lists and must-haves- that's right: Newborn [...]

Big Sister Gifts

When Cubby was born, we were asked what we were giving Q as a "Big Sister Gift". (Categorize this under: Babymoons and Push Presents. Also known as the "We Were Clueless" Category.  More here.) After some blank stares and some quick googling, we ran out to the nearest toy store and surprised Q with her [...]

Nursery Sneak Peek

  When Ryan and I first met, about 15 years ago (holy crap!) we were attending college in Southern California. I was a fresh "New Jersey transplant" and he was the epitome of a California surfer boy, through-and-through. He wore Rainbow sandals exclusively and surfed in lieu of going to the gym. One would almost [...]

An Update

Yesterday was one of the hardest days of being a mother that I've ever had. Maybe that means I'm really lucky; that I've made it through six years of being a mom without any sort of extreme interference or worry, or maybe I'm just super dramatic. Either way, yesterday sucked. I have had challenging days [...]

The Grand Finale

Yep, it's "social media official"...we are pregnant with Baby #3!! Our "Grand Finale", if you will.   We told the girls right before our Hawaii trip because we didn't want any of our family members bringing it up and having the girls find out that way. I really wanted to be the one to break [...]