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When Ryan and I first met, about 15 years ago (holy crap!) we were attending college in Southern California. I was a fresh “New Jersey transplant” and he was the epitome of a California surfer boy, through-and-through. He wore Rainbow sandals exclusively and surfed in lieu of going to the gym. One would almost never guess that was the case if you met him today in his embroidered belt, tucked-in button down shirt, uttering the word “ya’ll”. Yep, my Cali boy has turned Texan. Which is pretty awesome too…by the way.

But, when we moved here 10 years ago and started talking about starting a family, I always said that if we had a baby boy one day, I’d love to bring Ryan’s Cali-surfer-boy style into the nursery. Well, shockingly…here we are…a baby boy on the way and surfer-boy nursery underway!

This nursery has been a labor of love, and it is still NOT finished. The OCD side of me really wanted to wait until it was all done before posting, but the impatient side of me really couldn’t wait any longer. I figured I’d been sharing enough snippits and purchases on my IG stories, so why not just put them all together here?

The colors and overall vibe of mixed media have been my vision since day one, although with such a difficult/awkward room to work with, I’ve had to compromise a bit with the overall layout and furniture pieces/placement. All-in-all I’m really loving seeing it all come together. It’s actually pretty surreal.

So here is a tiny sneak peek of Baby Boy’s Modern Surfer-Boy room…probably the only surfer boy in Texas! 😉 There are still some finishing touches to add…including linens and some framed photos from “the olden days” of his daddy, in-action, surfing.

I can’t wait to see our babe grow up in this space, to hear the stories of his Daddy’s California adventures, and to actually get to use the tiny board his dad picked out just for him. But for now, Cubby will take over & pretend this is her second bedroom…



The wallpaper is from Hygge and West and I had been eying it for a while.  When we found out this babe was a boy, I purchased it that same day. I do love me a good accent wall! 😉

The gorgeous Tulum beach print is from Max Wanger. Don’t you just want to jump right in that water with a cocktail?


Just me, then.


Finding a rocker that was comfy & deep but compact enough to fit into this tight corner was a challenge (and several were purchased & exchanged), but then we found this one from Land of Nod and it is EXACTLY what we were looking for!

The sweet globe below was custom made for us from this little etsy shop, Le Marigny. I got to pick the paint colors AND the quote. I’m pretty much obsessed with  how it came out.


If you’ve been watching my instagram stories, you know all about my obsession with Babylit books. They are so adorable & educational…and I love the pops of color!!

Also, can we talk about how adorable that kiddie surfboard is?! And if this little man isn’t into surfing, I have no doubt his sisters will gladly take it for a spin or two! 😉


That’s it for now! I’ll be sure to do a FULL post once the room is ALL finished, complete with links to everything. But if there’s anything else you’d like info on in the meantime, just leave a comment below & I’ll do my best to answer it!

Thanks for checking out our little man’s space…and for sharing our excitement!



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