Newborn Survival Baskets

So when Q was born, almost 6 years ago, and I was a brand-new, first-time mommy, I realized a few things very quickly in those early days at home alone:

  1. You spend a lot of time on the couch. Like, a lot.
  2. You/the baby are constantly in need of AllTheThings.
  3. Getting off the couch to constantly get AllTheThings is not fun.

So, that first week at home, I marched myself right upstairs to Q’s beautifully decorated (and completely UNused) nursery and collected every last baby item that was so neatly and tidily put away and labeled in appropriate drawers and bins, threw all of it into a laundry basket and plopped that basket right on the couch next to me. It was like a hermit/hoarder’s paradise: baby in lap, and everything I/she could need right at my fingertips!

Over time (and more babies) I learned to plan a little better in advance and spend more time on the practical necessities and less on making my newborn’s nursery bookshelf look pinterest-ready. (Ok, fine-so maybe my OCD nesting got the best of me and I spent a liiiittle bit of time on The Pin as well.)

Anyways, when Cub was born, I had my newborn basket all set up and would bring it with me from room-to-room (aka my bedroom to my living room) each day. However, I quickly remembered how “tired mom brain” works and would often get all set up on the couch for the day only to realize I had left my basket of essentials in the bedroom. LIFE. ALTERING. TRAGEDY.

This time around I’m really catering to my laziness and creating a little essentials basket for EACH room that I plan on spending any significant time in. I posted all about my baskets on my Instagram stories the other day but I’ve had a few people ask about them so I figured I’d compile all my basket items together here.

The great part is, that most of this was purchased right from the comfort of my very favorite store: Living Room Couch (aka, the best invention ever: Amazon Prime). I think only 2-3 of these items were purchased from outside sites. So yay! The good news is, if you’re expecting, you can start your basket shopping right NOW…while still in your pjs!

Hope this is helpful! ALL items are linked below, because I respect and appreciate your fellow laziness. Solidarity, sisters!

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newborn basket


Diapering: diapers (I really love seventh generation & earth’s best for non-toxic newborn options. Seventh Generation “Touch of Cloth” were my ABSOLUTE favorite, but they don’t make them anymore. Can we start a petition to bring them back?!), wipes (the only brand I use!), diaper rash cream (love everything about this brand and its EWG rating!), rash cream applicator (best thing EVER- buy  a million of these), peepee teepee (are these necessary?! I don’t know. Someone with a boy please fill me in!) Gathre changing mat (these are my FAVS but cheaper alternatives like THIS do the trick, too!), wooden rattle (for distraction as he grows, also because it looks pretty.)

For Mom: bamboobies pads (love because they are machine washable & reusable, although these Medela disposables have my heart as well), lily padz, nipple cream (also THESE gel pads that I didn’t include are LIFE CHANGING…store them in the fridge, trust me.)

Extras: binkies and clips (Loving these two brands!), nasal aspirator (get one that opens for cleaning, for God’s sake. Because, gross. Also these battery operated ones have saved my sanity before. But don’t even get me started on the ones where you suck out the snot through a straw. Just don’t.), hand sanitizer (for after-diaper-business and for all of those dirty, eager paws itching to touch your sweet baby), burp clothes (my FAV brand), newborn mittens (I mean, I have never ever actually used these before but always feel like I’m failing as a parent if I don’t buy at least one pair. These ones look nice. I’m using an unopened pair from when Cubby was born.), Honest Organic Healing Balm (I put that $%^& on EVERYTHING), baby brush (LOVE this super soft one- used it on all my babes…even though they were all bald.), nail clippers (although I technically keep these in my “bath basket”…see below.), extra swaddles (Love THIS brand!), and some extra change of clothes  (I really love these simple cross-snap shirts on itty bitty newborns. Especially if you are going to swaddle and/or are having a summer baby. Sometimes I feel like this is all they need under there. Plus, easy access!) Otherwise, I’m ALLLLL about baby gowns. Here are one, two, and three of my fav brands!

Baskets (Got these on Amazon and they are awesome…and a great price!)

*Side Note: I also made a separate “Pumping” basket filled with all of the (dreaded) pumping essentials (i.e. extra water, snacks, breast pump, bottles, burp cloths, nipple salve, nursing pads, etc.), a Bath Time Basket filled with all baby’s bathing goodies, as well as a handy “Postpartum Care” basket for my bathroom. So if you’re wondering where all THAT fun stuff is, now you know.  😉


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