My 20 Newborn Essentials

I can’t even believe I’m sitting here typing this…with sweet Baby Max right next to me! I’m still in complete shock that he is actually here and that my list-making and planning  for his arrival are now over. Of course, with his birth comes a whole new set of lists and must-haves- that’s right: Newborn Essentials!

Now that I’ve had two weeks to adjust to having a newborn back in the house, I thought I’d share the MOST important items that have made the transition easier and let’s be honest- have kept me from losing my sanity!

  1. Hospital List: I know this isn’t technically a “newborn” item but, I have to say, my OCD planning wound up coming in very handy, when, two weeks before my due date, my water broke unexpectedly late at night. It was a mad rush to get to the hospital and I was SO glad that my bags were basically packed and that my list was laying on top of my bag so I could see which “last minute” items needed to be thrown in. I highly suggest doing this…”just in case”. If you’re interested in my list, just click the link above!
  2. Care Baskets: Again, I was SO appreciative of my OCD planning when I got home from the hospital and had newborn care baskets planted all over the house and I was even more excited about my postpartum bathroom care basket that was waiting for me. My hospital was kind of stingy with postpartum care products so I honestly could not wait to get home & get my hands on the products I had waiting for me! I’ve linked both baskets here: Newborn Care, Postpartum Care.  (for postpartum basket- click link & scroll to bottom of post.)
  3. Car seat: This Cybex Cloud Q car seat is AMAZING!! My absolute favorite feature is that it reclines flat when taken out of the car. Max has fallen asleep every time we’ve taken a car ride and taking the car seat out when we get home and reclining it flat has let him continue his (very precious) naps, uninterrupted. manhattan-grey
  4. This carseat swaddle from Hooray Littles has also been a lifesaver. Max loves to be swaddled and this allows me to swaddle him safely in the car seat without having to lift or unbuckle him! web_MG_1998_large
  5. Multi-Use Covers: perfect for breast-feeding & car seat covering. I LOVE mine from Copper Pearl, not only because they are adorable, but because they cover sweet Max from the tiny germ-breeding humans who want nothing more than to touch and smother your baby with their sticky little fingers. Yes, I’m talking about siblings and other toddler and school-aged children. Get several of these so you have one handy when the others are in the wash…it’s basically a cloth germ-shield for your baby! 😉IMG_9749_grande
  6. Swaddle Blankets: We use baby blankets around here for just about everything: swaddles, burp cloths, breast-feeding covers, dish towels… you name it! Ok, so maybe not the last one, but we seriously cannot get enough blankets and my absolute FAVORITE brands have been Copper Pearl and Max+Moose. They are so big and stretchy and make little Max snug as a bug. They are seriously SO good! blue_draped_grande
  7. Foam Fan: Summer is here (well, in Texas at least) and you will want one of these suckers to clip onto strollers and car seats when you are out and about! 719q-7HSGmL._SX522_
  8. Carriers: I’ve been “wearing” Max way more than I ever did with the girls. Probably because we are on-the-go and out-and-about so much more with 3 kiddos (Q had a school function I had to be at FOUR days after Max was born!!!)  I like having him up high, close to me, and all covered up. It really prevents a lot of the touching and requests from others to hold him. Plus, it’s basically like skin-to-skin and Max is so much more content when I wear him than he is just sitting in his car seat- which means I can get SO much more done, whether at the house, or out at a store or school event.  I’m LOVING my Solly Baby wrap and my awesome Lalabu shirt! Sky_06_largea-Lalabu-Soothe-Shirt-Black-Natural-Mom-2_700x
  9. Binkies and Clips: If you are using pacifiers, clips are a must. I can’t tell you how many time we lost or dropped binkies in the past…and those suckers are bouncy! I’ve been using my binky clip from NomiLu almost daily- and I love how I can just clip it right onto my wrap when I’m wearing him, too! il_570xN.857902280_2pqa
  10. Vibrating Mat: So my father-in-law saw this Tranquilo Vibrating Mat on Shark Tank and bought us one. I have to say- it fits in our bassinet perfectly and calms Max down almost instantly. This was a total score!tranquilo-619x375
  11. Changing Mats: These Gathre mats are amazing. I’ve got one stashed in every room of the house (in the newborn baskets!) and in my diaper bag. They’ve already saved many a couch cushion & comforter- plus those public bathroom changing tables are SO. GROSS!starlight_micro_1_1024x1024
  12. Bamboobies– Whether or not you plan to breastfeed, you WILL leak in the beginning and these pads are SO much better than the disposable ones. They are so much softer and more comfortable- and so easy to wash! I have a few pairs that I cycle through. I love them!41vi1NbdEHL
  13. Pjs: I am doing laundry ’round the clock, so I can’t say how helpful it has been having lots of comfy newborn pjs on hand. Our favorite brands to put Max in are Kickee Pants & KB Cute Designs. The footies are just SO cozy and the gowns couldn’t be more convenient! Seriously, stock up! PRD-KPLGKN126-P
  14. Feeding App: There are so many, but I’m loving this Baby Feed Timer tracking app. Its so easy to use and helps me track Baby Boy’s breast feedings, bottles, diapers, sleep, my pumping and several other things. Plus, I love the “analyze” button. You know how when you go to the baby’s doctor and they ask you questions like, “How often and how much is he eating?” and you’re sitting there just trying to remember what day of the week it is? Yeah- then you’re also going to love the “analyze” button on this app. I literally opened this app and handed my phone to the doctor when she started asking me these questions…Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.11.56 AM
  15. Baby Acne Cure: This next one I can’t take credit for, but I want to thank everyone on instagram who reached out and told me about these amazing Mustela products for baby acne. After having two girls, I have to say the “boy baby acne” took me by surprise. It arrived out of nowhere one morning, JUST in time for newborn pictures. I posted about it on my Instagram stories and the feedback was overwhelmingly in favor of these two products: PhysioBebe cleaning water and HydraBebe lotion. I’ve only been using them for a day, but I definitely see an improvement in Little Man’s face. Bonus points for my photographer not wanting to kill me for having to work overtime in photoshop! 😉 Even if you are lucky enough to not have to deal with newborn acne- the physiobebe is great for between-bath-cleaning and the lotion smells so fresh & clean!
  16. Ok, this little night light contraption might be the best thing on the planet. It’s called VAVA and it’s this little egg that gets charged via cord and then is completely portable. It has adjustable brightness and color (cool & warm) and functions completely by tapping the top of the egg. This thing is GENIUS for middle of the night feedings and diaper changings when you are exhausted and you’re flailing in the dark to Make.The.Crying.STOP!! No fumbling around for power buttons and switches- I literally just reach out from my bed, and tap the crap out of this little egg. Voila- perfect night-lighting without waking up your hubby- or vice versa when it’s “his turn” to get the baby. Plus, it has 80 hours run time! We’ve used it every night since Max was born and I just re-charged it for the first time yesterday.51aDpfBB95L._SL1000_And Lastly,
  17. UberEats
  18. Coffee
  19. Wine
  20. My Mom


Well, there you have it- my list of Newborn Essentials. I have so many more little favorites but these are the items that are currently saving my life. If you have a newborn or are expecting- I hope this helps you out, even just a tiny bit! 🙂


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  1. Great list! Definitely bookmarking this when the time comes for a second little one.

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