An OCD’s Guide to Packing your Hospital Bag

I just wanted to take a second to say thank you SO much for all of the sweet comments & messages on my Instagram post yesterday regarding our last check-in with Baby Boy. It was a hard day. Our check-ins with the high-risk specialist are never fun, mostly because we know there isn’t going to be a miraculous change and we’re basically just praying and hoping each time that things have stayed the same vs. gotten worse. (Sidenote: If you are reading this and are completely confused…here is my original post explaining our situation.) 

I think we went into yesterday a little jaded since our previous check-in was a pretty positive one (in the sense that not much had changed that time, and the change that did occur was pretty minor). But, yesterday we didn’t have the greatest visit. I won’t go into detail aside from saying that we didn’t get a very positive update on Baby’s left kidney and we were told that there is a possibility that the right kidney is now also compromised.  Unfortunately, “guesses” are all we are being given right now due to the fact that the doctors need to run allthetests on Baby Boy once he is born in order to give us exact answers. Talk about frustrating!

I’m trying my best not to get too upset until I hear back from our pediatric urology specialist next week to hear his take on the scans. I think now, more than ever, we are ready for this babe to be here. Even if that’s a complete lie and I’m not really ready at all…one thing’s for sure: I’m ready for some answers and plans. This waiting and the anxiety of the unknown is definitely the hardest part…especially at a time when things are supposed to be all unicorns and rainbows. The good news is, we are in the homestretch. We only have about 11 days (or less) until we get to hold our sweet boy.

Until then, I continue packing and planning to keep my mind busy. I’ve gotten a bunch of messages asking me about what I’m packing for the hospital, so here it is, from your favorite “list maker”…

Hospital Guide2


About my list:

So, I named it “An OCD’s Guide” because there are about a MILLION “Minimalist’s Guides to Packing a Hospital Bag” out there and that’s just NOT who I am. I am a crazy over-thinker/planner/packer, so why stop at my hospital bag? Yep, I’m fully embracing my crazy and sharing it with you all here…

For Mom: I don’t think there’s any explanations needed here aside from sharing where I purchased some of my fav robes. I prefer the light kimono-style as opposed to the thick bathrobes. But that’s mostly because I’ve been burning up like a furnace this entire pregnancy and want the lightest, most minimal amount of fabric on my body at all times. I purchased a few kimonos and a cute hospital gown here and I plan on using my favorite robe ever that my sister gave me during her wedding week which is this one from Plum Pretty Sugar! Also, as pictured- I use Kopari coconut oil for just about everything (body lotion, stretch mark cream, carrier oil for essential oil blends & I’ll also be using it in lieu of a lanolin-based nipple cream). This stuff is amazing and one tub lasts forever! Also, the only products I use on my face (aside from actual makeup) are from Clovertree Apothecary. The Triple C Repair Serum is basically heaven in a bottle!

Bathroom: Although I’ll be delivering at a different hospital this time, I’m still banking on the fact that most things I’ll be needing for postpartum care will be provided for me. That being said, I WILL be bringing my OWN shower towels, face cloth, and shower flip flops…because if I used them in college when I hardly knew (or cared) what a “germ” was, I most certainly will be using them now! I should also point out some very important toiletries to remember, like: face wipes for those exhausting, lazy nights when I don’t feel like getting up to wash my face ( I find the honest brand gets my mascara off the best!) and dry shampoo, because…well, it’s dry shampoo- don’t all moms basically live on this stuff. (Here is one of the better organic brands I’ve found and here is another of my favorites that still has a pretty decent EWG rating.)

Baby: Here is where the “overpacking” really sets in. I really want to bring his entire closet with me, but am limiting myself to a few (like 1-2) of each: gowns, onesies, swaddles, & pjs. I realize I will most likely not need or use most of these, but I need them on hand for pictures. You know, just in case. 😉 Here are a few of my favorite brands that totally deserve their very own blog post: Kickee Pants, Swanky Shank, Softsie, KBCute Designs, Candy Kirby, Little Unicorn, and Spearmint Love. I’m also a nut about products so I will be bringing my own baby wash/lotion for his first bath (I’m really loving Babo Botanicals these days) as well as my own brand of diapers, wipes, etc. (Yes, I realize this is a little overboard and not for everyone. That’s ok.) Since Baby Boy may require some extra attention, I’m making sure I pack all of my files and the medical notebook I’ve been keeping throughout the pregnancy, as well as our Cord Blood Kit. We’ve done cord blood banking with all three babies, and have used and loved Cord Blood Registry.  Lastly, I’ll be bringing his baby book and journal. In the past, I’ve written to each baby while in the hospital and I really love going back and reading those entries. I know things can always change and get hectic, but I’ll be bringing both just in case. I’m loving this simple & adorable baby book  from Polka Dot Print Shop!   And don’t forget the carseat & base! This time around we went with the Cybex Cloud Q carseat & I’m pretty much in love with it…AND the stroller base that goes with- super light and simple!

Electronics: I think this list is pretty standard, but something fun you may want to pack if you are into taking pictures but not all about bringing a big heavy camera, is a set of clip-on iphone lenses. These can be really cool to play around with, without having to lug a whole bunch of camera equipment (like I will be doing!) 😉 I also made sure to pick up an extra long phone charger so that I can multitask (aka: charge/breastfeed/instagram browse) all at the same time from the comfort of my hospital bed!

Extras: I’ve never brought a ton of snacks with me in the past because my hospital snack room has always been pretty good, and my amazing hubby is usually running out to bring in our meals and snacks- but I WILL be bringing my own water bottle along. I use my BKR water bottle and my YETI tumbler on a daily basis, so those will be coming along since I distinctly remember hoarding water after birth like a freaking camel in the desert. I’ll also be bringing the girls’ “Big Sister” Gifts to give to them when they come to meet the baby. I did a whole post about what they are getting here. I also went to Target and bought a bunch of what we call “Quiet Bag” activities (i.e. coloring, stickers, dry erase boards, foil scratch books, surprise packs, etc.). I’m keeping one bag at the hospital to keep the girls busy when they come to visit and I also made a bag for them to keep home and bring to restaurants, etc. with whomever is taking care of them while we are at the hospital. Another “can’t forget” extra is my diffuser/oils. I  brought a diffuser and some relaxing oil blends to the hospital with me when I had Ardyn and I really loved having it (mostly because…hospital smell!) but I DID have to ask permission before using it in my room- so maybe call ahead and ask first if you plan on bringing one too! I get asked a lot about the diffuser I use and it is The Aria from Young Living. I’m obsessed! Bonus points for it having relaxing spa sounds AND a remote!!

One last thing we always bring is a plain white scrub top for Ryan. Even though the hospital usually gives dads their own scrubs to wear during L&D, we use a plain white one to get baby’s very first footprints on the front pocket. Then, on the back we do monthly footprints. Once the baby is a year old and the last footprint is done, I bring the scrubs to be monogrammed. It just makes for the sweetest keepsake! Here is what Q’s finished product looks like: (Ardyn’s monogramming is still on the “to do” list…2 years later)footprints on scrubs


Pre-Birth Planning: Ok, so I realize I’m not the average bear when it comes to “planning”. But good ol’ nesting really took its toll on me this time around and I couldn’t help myself. Maybe since there was so much that was out of my control with this pregnancy, I felt like I needed something I could control…thus, all the lists! 😉

Most of these things speak for themselves, but for the Newborn Survival Baskets, I did a whole post on them here. The padsicles that I made I got from pinterest, so I’ll just link them here.  For my postpartum bathroom kit, I stocked up on the following: (organic cotton SUPER pads, tucks pads, colace, dermaplast spray [a more natural option here], the FridaBaby mom washer spray bottle, aloe vera, witch hazel, and a spray bottle of the essential oil concoction I used for the padsicles (See above).

Another note is to make sure you book your hospital and/or newborn photographer months in advance. Newborn photographers book up quickly, so it’s important to contact your photographer early on in your pregnancy to discuss timing and availability! If your photographer is coming to the hospital to take pictures- don’t forget to bring cash to pay her!

That’s about it, I think. Now we just wait for baby…

Ok, now- anybody got a good list on how to deal with not sleeping for the next six months? 😉


5 thoughts on “An OCD’s Guide to Packing your Hospital Bag

  1. As far as not sleeping for the next 6 months, get the owlet! It’s such great piece of mind! My baby is almost 12 weeks and we have used it every single night! Good luck with everything! Xo

  2. Hang in there and try to keep busy the new few days! Hoping the pediatric urologist can give some good insight. Sending lots of positive and calming good thoughts your way!

  3. I was born with 2 underdeveloped kidneys. One was removed and one was repaired and it was very hard on my parents. My mom especially as I was her last baby too, and a bit of a miracle as it took me 9 years to be born after my sister. I am now a fully functional 27 year old with a sweet baby of my own. It is all very scary right now but it will work out <3

  4. Now that you’ve had your son, is there anything you realized you didn’t need from your list? Or anything you wish you had that wasn’t on it?

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