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When Cubby was born, we were asked what we were giving Q as a “Big Sister Gift”. (Categorize this under: Babymoons and Push Presents. Also known as the “We Were Clueless” Category.  More here.)

After some blank stares and some quick googling, we ran out to the nearest toy store and surprised Q with her very first tricycle. She was so thrilled…it almost helped her forget that her new baby sister cried bloody murder 24/7. Almost.  (We love you, Cub Scout!!) 😉

This time around, I wanted to be prepared. I wracked my brain thinking of something the girls don’t already have…something they could save, something that would always bring back the memory of when their baby brother was born. It took a lot of internet…I mean, SOUL searching – but this is what I came up with… (pictures below)

  • I started with two new books about being a Big Sister. I looked through a TON of “big sister” books and found two that I really thought fit each girl’s personality. You can find Q’s here and Cub’s here.
  • Next, I wanted to get the girls a piece of special jewelry. Mostly because they are both currently obsessed with wearing every piece of jewelry they own. I found these precious personalized “I Love My Big Sis” sterling heart necklaces. I figured they would be cute for the girls to wear now but also a sweet piece for them to grow into & save. I might even get them engraved once Baby Boy arrives.
  • But, I also know how their little gypsy hearts are about jewelry and I wanted to give them a piece of “costume” jewelry that they could wear everyday, if they wanted to. I found these adorable beaded bracelets on etsy and had them personalized with each girls’ name, favorite color beads, and a “Big Sister” charm.
  • There is a fun story behind these “Big Sister” shirts I got for them. The smaller white one was actually what Q wore to the hospital when Cub was born! It just so happens that Cub is basically the same age now as Q was back then, so it fits her perfectly. I mean, check out this photo of my tiny girls…I die! archivesI wasn’t really planning on having a brand new shirt made for Q this time around, so I kind of tossed the idea of the “Big Sister” shirts altogether. That is, until I was browsing my favorite consignment shop and found this pink “Big Sister” shirt staring in my face from the racks…it’s the SAME designer, in Q’s exact size…in a consignment store!!! I pretty much knew it was meant to be! Plus, they will go SO perfectly with baby boy’s “Lil’ Bro, Yo” onesie from the fabulous Swanky Shank! I’m already planning the photo shoot in my head! 😉
  • Lastly, (and these are my favorite part of the gift!) I found these precious camera/album sets on Etsy. The girls are obsessed with taking pictures (I have NO idea where they get this 🙂 ) and they are always asking to take pictures with my phone or carrying around their instax polaroid. I thought these disposables (can’t believe they still exist!) would be so fun for the girls to carry around and document the first few days of their baby brother’s life through their own eyes (God, I hope I don’t regret this). After we get the pics developed they can put together their own little scrapbook photo albums…plus, they are (say it with me now:) PERSONALIZED!! How cute is that? I think it’s something they’ll enjoy now, and enjoy looking back on when they are older, as well!

What do you think? Have any other great ideas of anything I can add to their “Big Sister” packages? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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