Friday Favorites

So, one of my favorite parts about Friday, aside from it being FRIDAY, is scrolling through (ahem, shopping) all the “Friday Favorite Round-ups” on all of my favorite blogs (that’s a whole lotta favorites, right there.)

So I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon because:

1. I’ve found so many awesome things lately, I thought It’d just be selfish of me not to share and

2. I thought rounding up all my favorite things that make me happy, would take my mind off of all the other junk going on.

So here it is, my very first Friday Favorites! Grab your coffee, or wine, or mimosa or whatever beverage suits your time of day and enjoy…

Let’s start with this sweetest little dress from the new Tea Collection. It’s a hi-lo dress, which I love and the pattern just makes me think of spring and happy things. Plus, the little girl in the catalog is wearing Frida braids and playing with a real koala bear, so really, how can I NOT buy this dress? Bonus: There is a matching “baby version” for all those  twinning sister duos.


Next, I have only two words for you: ROSE GOLD. Salt Water Sandals are a summer staple in our house, mostly because of their durability and the fact that they can get wet. Well, my friends, SWS just stepped up their game a few notches by introducing their newest color. These are already purchased and sitting in both girl’s closet. Go out and getchu some!


Ok, let’s talk pjs. My girls are on a nightgown kick, which means the only pjs in our house that don’t cause bedtime meltdowns are our nighties from Plain Jane and Kickee Pants. They are both SO comfy and so adorably sweet. Plus, I thought I’d mention that Kickee Pants is currently have a sale on all of their green pjs to get us all in the St. Patty’s Day spirit. And if I can’t drink any green beer this year, I might as well deck the girls out.

Disclaimer: I am totally not sharing this picture just because it features a baby Q & A.

(I totally am.)

Baby Time!  There are SO many new products out now that were NOT around when Ardyn was a babe- I could do a whole post on just baby stuff (lightbulb!)…

Anyways, I have grand plans to “carry” this next babe 24/7- you know, as in baby-carrying with the sweet fabric wrap carrier thingys. It sounds and looks heavenly in my mind, but in reality I’m the mom in the parking lot, playing human origami with several yards of beautiful fabric that is somehow supposed to come together to securely hold my tiny infant. Yeah. So, I have a back-up plan this time. Enter the LaLaBu. You guys, it’s a shirt with a pouch. So all I need to do is know how to put on a tank top (check.) and all of a sudden I’m a human kangaroo.


As in, this is literally already in my closet.


Ok, books. Maybe it’s the past-teacher in me (or maybe it’s just the huge nerd dying to get out) but our house is like a library. We’ve got books in every room, categorized by author, holiday, and theme. Then I’ve got boxes of chapter books in the attic from my teaching days that are organized by reading level for when the girls get older. I’m obsessed. But I’m also obsessed with books that are just plain pretty. And these books fit the bill. Ok, so we all know and love BabyLit books, right? (if not, hurry up and go google…we’ll wait.)

Well, did you know that Babylit has these “decade” themed alphabet books now? Cause I didn’t. I bought the midcentury one for Baby Boy’s nursery and it is chalk-full of roadsters and letterman jackets and drive-in movie theaters. It’s basically like Grease the Musical in alphabet book format. Love, love, love. And now I’m thinking I also need the roaring twenties one as well. Ok, I just need all of them.


BlaBla Dolls have a special place in my heart. I bought one for both girls when they were born and they STILL sleep with them every night. Plus, they are just SO darn cute! BlaBla has some new friends out that I’m pretty sure are going to make their way into Easter baskets this year. Plus, Baby Boy needs one or twelve for his room as well…


Ok, call me crazy but I’m a freak about stationary. Everyone in our house NEEDS to always have personalized stationary on hand. Because snail mail and hand written thank you cards never go out of style. 😉

Anyways, I was browsing Tiny Prints to restock our supply and I came across these CUTEST EVER summery thank you cards. Since Q has a summer birthday I’m thinking these are a must have for sure. Otherwise, we’ll be sending all of her friends “thank you for being awesome” mail this summer! Either way, we WILL find a reason to use these….


So this past weekend, Q had her very first sleepover at my sister & BIL’s house. They brought her and Ardyn to a super fun restaurant and then Q got to have her very first (non-grandparent) sleepover. She was SO excited to pack her bag…until we realized that she doesn’t really have an overnight bag of her own. I had to lend her my nice designer rolly-suitcase and made a mental note that a. sleepovers are AWESOME and should occur more often 😉 and  b. girlfriend needs her own over-nighter. I found these adorable ones on Pottery Barn and they come in two sizes, several adorable designs, AND can be personalized. My favorite is the aqua mermaids, but both girls insisted on the rainbow one, so I still need to do some negotiating. I’m thinking Ardyn may have some wiggle room…

Anyways, I’m pretty sure these will be Easter gifts for myself…I mean, the girls this year!


Next up are these genius little trays. Please tell me you’ve seen them?! They are called the Snap & Shop and Ladies, I’m telling you…they are going to revolutionize the Target Trip Experience. You basically snap it on to the cart handle, fill it with snacks to fill your little one’s yapper, and viola! A quiet(er) shopping trip experience. Everyone who shops in a store needs one.


This next one’s for the Mamas. It’s no secret that I’ve been a little stressed lately and when I’m stressed I either cry, eat ice cream in the bathtub, or turn to my oils. Sometimes all three at once. Anyways, I’ve got my fair share of diffusers at the house because I’m one of those anti-chemical/toxin freaks and so we use them for EVERYTHING (sickness, sleep aid, in lieu of candles, etc.) but recently I came across the Aria Diffuser from Young Living and it is a game changer. Mostly because it’s just so beautiful to look at, but also because it has a light feature, a sound/music feature, allows you to plug in your own music, AND has a remote control. This puppy is going to be put to some good use, let me tell you. Lavender & Lime are my favorite oils to mix & diffuse for a cleansing/relaxing vibe. It’s a bit pricey, but in my book- if you are an oil lover like me- totally worth it.


Ok, and last but not least, let’s get down to business. Ice cream and me are kind of besties these days (see above). Well, yesterday one of my other besties (<— a real live person this time…I promise. Click the link if you don’t believe me.) sent me the most gorgeous and delicious delivery of Jeni’s Ice Cream. I’m currently on pint #2 which is THIS Ultra Marine Blue that I opened and ate for breakfast this morning. It might be the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. I promise you need some. Or send some to a friend in need, and then some to yourself just because, well- it’s FRIDAY!!!


That’s it for today. Happy Shopping, friends. And if you’d like to see more Friday Favorites in the future be sure to let me know. Otherwise I’ll just keep spending all the money all by myself… 😉


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  1. Love the Friday Favorites! Another place to look for an overnight bag for Quin might be Vera Bradley, I know a lot of mom’s like to use some of their smaller travel bags for their girls.

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