The Grand Finale

Yep, it’s “social media official”…we are pregnant with Baby #3!!

Our “Grand Finale”, if you will.



We told the girls right before our Hawaii trip because we didn’t want any of our family members bringing it up and having the girls find out that way.

I really wanted to be the one to break the news- especially since Q has been asking for a “new baby” since Cubby was born. I filled up a box with all sorts of baby items and a little envelope with flashcards that read “Mommy has a baby in her belly.” (I made sure to use all words that Q knew how to read so that it would be a fun surprise.) I figured the girls would open the box, assume it was stuff for their baby dolls, THEN read the card and get it. Let’s just say it didn’t really go as planned. Q opened the box, took out the first baby item, held it up, and said (in her most mature 5-going-on-25 voice), “We’re Having a Baby!” We were NOT expecting her to get it so fast- but she did, and she was a squealing ball of delight- asking “What kind of a baby?” and “How many more days?” before we could even finish explaining. Cub, however, grabbed the baby bottle from the box, started sucking on it and pretending to cry like a baby. Let’s just say- we think she’s a little less excited than her sister about all this “new baby” junk.

Ever since telling the girls, Q has taken the self-appointed title of “Big Sister, Master Educator” very seriously. She keeps explaining things to Cub, who honestly could care less! Thus, the idea of the “Big Sister Advice Booth” was born. Let’s just say, Q has a very strong (ahem) attitude-resemblance to Lucy from the Peanuts Gang and the idea of her sitting behind her booth, á la “Doctor is IN” style,  just made perfect sense. I wanted this announcement to be just as original and fitting to their personalities as the “Big Sister Training Camp”  (click for link) one we did back in 2013 to announce we were pregnant with Ardyn. I think their faces prove that it’s a pretty accurate portrayal of their (polar opposite) personalities!


So yes, Baby #3 is coming and we could NOT be any more excited to complete our family! I’d love to share a little about our journey- but I think I’ll save that for another time. For now, I’m just happy I can finally be honest about my bulging belly and the lack of wine-related comments coming from my Instagram account. 😉

Baby Mac #3 Coming Spring 2017


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4 thoughts on “The Grand Finale

  1. These pictures are just the cutest. They certainly capture their personalities. I for one am so excited for our new addition to the family.

  2. You and Ryan are such good parents; this Baby Number Three is very blessed to be welcomed into your clan. Congratulations to all of you! Love and Hugs, Dianne and Jack Zalewski

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