Dear Blog, Thank you for being my BFF and sounding board during these days where too-damn-much is changing and my mama hormones just can't deal. Today, Ardyn's big girl bed was delivered (..although I'm about 98% sure she isn't ready to sleep in it yet, and will be keeping the crib shoved in the corner [...]

Who’s the Boss?

I'll never forget the first time she requested to watch "Who's the Boss". I was wracking my brain..."When did I introduce her to the world of Tony Danza? I don't have 'Who's the Boss' on DVD, do I? I probably should....but, no." It wasn't until in utter miscommunication-frustration, she followed up her request with, "Mooooooom, [...]

Big Sister Training Camp

Big Sister Training Camp

YES- Quinlin is going to be a big sister! I wanted to thank everyone so very much for all of the sweet comments, "likes", messages, etc.  I've read every single one of them and I feel so very lucky to be surrounded by such amazingly supportive people. As most of you know, our path to [...]