“Sponge Cakes”, Tea Cups, and Bunnies…Oh my!

Ready for the cutest little bunny-filled craft idea EVER? Read the steps below for a simple “sponge cake” recipe for your little one’s next tea party! (bunnies optional)


  • Step One: gather your supplies. You will need:
  1. sponges of all different shapes, colors and sizes (you can always buy a big one and cut it into different shapes!)
  2. scissors
  3. craft glue (I prefer hot glue gun)
  4. paint
  5. kitchen supplies to use as paint brushes (cake scrapers, mini spatulas, tiny butter knives make your little crafter really feel like a chef!)
  6. trimmings: think cute pom-pom ribbon, red poms for cherries, glitter that resembles sprinkles, rosettes, etc.
  7. plastic to-go boxes for your guests to carry home their goodies!
  8. optional: Anything to help set a festive mood. Think tea set, doilies, flowers, and don’t forget some REAL edibles! 😉


  • Step Two: Invite some of your best buddies over for a “crafty tea party”.  Then, allow your crafters to get, well…crafty! Guide them if need be. I had a few “sponge cakes” pre-made for inspiration. Tell them to pretend they are making real cakes for a real fancy tea party! Show them how they can glue sponges on top of each other to create “layered” cakes, how to make roll-ups, etc.


  • Step Three: While the glue and paint is drying, serve some real snacks. We went with cupcakes, macarons, and “pink lemonade tea”. We also had little bunny visitors for the girls to play with.
  • Step Four: wrap the girl’s sponge cakes up in a plastic to-go box and send them on their way! Q keeps her sponge cakes with her fake kitchen food and to this day they are some of her & Ardyn’s favorite play food items!


Flower headbands from Fancy Free Finery

Images originally posted in Momazine Magazine: Issue 17 | May 2016


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