Master Makeover

I know I said I’d post this ages ago, but…life. Anyways, when we moved into our house we did the kids’ rooms and the living spaces first and just kinda left our bedroom hanging until recently. We didn’t do much to the bedroom, aside from a few new pieces of furniture, but we did gut the bathroom and redo that com-plete-ly. We finally have a place in the house that feels like our own….that is, until the barbies and sailboats make their way into the bathtub and I find teddy bears and Cub’s “frankies” buried under my bed sheets. Ah, kids.

Wouldn’t have it any other way.



The pillows on our bed are constantly changing…whenever I find new ones I love I change them out. And this little couch/reading nook is new. It used to be where we kept a mini crib for the babies and a little rocking chair…but times are a’ changin (sob!!) so we made this nook over so that it was a place we could lounge and drink coffee in the morning and read books and the newspaper. BAHAHAHA. Yeah right….three kids, remember? This couch will mostly likely remain un-sat-upon for the next 10 years. But, hey…it looks pretty! πŸ˜‰

And yes, I know we need new family pictures…

Bedroom Links:

Juju Hat | Bed| Rug|Nesting Tables |Books 1 2 3 | Dragonfly |Knit Wool Blanket |Velvet Couch|White Pouf |Faux Fur Rug- Home Goods (similar one HERE) |Arched Floor Lamp |Grey Ruffle Throw Pillows on Bed- Home Goods (similar HERE) | Couch Throw Pillows – all from Home Goods (similar options Home, Rose, and Faux fur ) | Side Tables- Wisteria (out of stock) |Lamps (can’t remember, but similar style HERE) |Benches

(I’ve tried to link everything but if something isn’t linked it’s because we’ve had it for ages and I cant remember where we got it.)




Here are a few before pictures:



The tub was my “project” and the shower was Ryan’s baby. He wanted to knock out all that unused space and make it all into one giant enclosed shower space. We installed an aromatherapy steam system so we could do fun things like “take eucalyptus steams after work-outs”. It’s great.  Now all I need to do is start working out….

The shower also has Bluetooth speakers so we can sync our phones and listen to music, etc. The girls think this is the best part and there have been many “Greatest Showman Dance Parties” in there. It is pretty great for bathing the girls at once, I have to say. There’s a giant rain shower head in the middle (which I think got cut off in the pictures) and then two regular shower heads. So the girls and I can jump in and I don’t need to share my hot water with anyone! πŸ˜‰ So yeah, I guess I’m kinda happy Ryan was all about creating the ultimate spa shower. Although, the tub is really my happy place.

Oh, and yes, the Fiddle is fake (most asked question). I’m not a fan of fake plants (despite my black thumb) but the shades are almost always closed (because, privacy) so I needed something that looked pretty but could do without much light. I think this one looks pretty real. Plus, I don’t need to replace it every few months. Win-win!

As far as the rug goes, I know some of you might be confused because you helped me vote on Instagram between the blue one and the beautiful pink/orange Turkish rug and NEITHER one of those is pictured above. I wound up finding this rug from TARGET you guys!!! But don’t worry, the beautiful Turkish rug found a home in the laundry room…which gets much more action these days anyways. πŸ˜‰

Bathroom Links:

Fiddle Leaf Fig| Rug | Light Fixture| Sinks & Faucets| Towel Basket- Home Goods (similar HERE ) | Dyson Blowdryer (warning: splurge pricing! Got it for Christmas last year!!) | Curling Iron | Pink Turkish Towel | Pink turkish hand towel |Candle and stand – Home Goods finds but similar one HERE! | Bath tray | Acrylic Vanity stool (Cheaper option HERE & HERE )| Acrylic Shower Table/Stools (Cheaper Option HERE !) | Bath Tub and here are some other similar styles: One Two Three | Tub Filler/Faucet| Hair Tools Caddy |Products…now THAT’S a post for another day! πŸ˜‰

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