Q’s Room Makeover

The decision to give Q’s room “a little facelift” started with my ridiculous desire to wallpaper every room in the house. Add in recent discussions we were having about switching out her queen bed for two twins and the decision to redo the ENTIRE room was basically made FOR us.


It was definitely all my fault idea.

Once I knew I wanted to do twin beds I started wrestling with the idea of which wall to wallpaper, the “window wall” where her queen bed originally sat, OR the big empty wall to the right. I “polled the audience” 😉 and you guys helped me decided to not only wallpaper the big empty wall but also to move the bed/s to that all. I was hesitant at first but I have to say- I love how the room flows now. It actually feels bigger and now Q & A can have their weekly sleepovers in Q’s room without complaining about who picked their nose and who-kicked-who in bed!

Ok I’ll stop talking now because I know ya’ll just want to see the pictures. BUT, if you’re interested in a “before” picture to compare what we’ve done and changed, here is the link to Q’s Orginal Room.

Here it is, Q’s “Big Girl” Room Reveal:


2018-04-23_0001 Notice how many baskets I’ve worked into the room? This allows Q to have (hidden) places to put all of her “stuff” (i.e. books, her prayer rock, mp3 player, giant yellow emoji pillow that doesn’t match the room, baby dolls, stuffed animals, pokemon cards, etc.) I think it’s important for kiddos to have places to store items they love- it also. makes clean-up/hiding things much easier & helps keep the room looking put together.

2018-04-23_0002I tried to take Quin & her interests into consideration as much as possible when picking out decorations. You can find traces of her love of mermaids, her shell collections, her love of dance, music, and reading, and her dream of one day going to Paris scattered around the room. Look closely…I tried to pick items that hold meaning to Q instead of just things I thought were “pretty”.  Even something as simple as putting reading sconces over the beds have made her little book-loving heart SO happy!2018-04-23_0004Who spotted the monitor camera hidden behind the golden elephant?! Yes, I still spy. 2018-04-23_0005Lots of people thought that door next to the bed was the door to the hallway, but it is actually Q’s bathroom & closet. I wouldn’t have put the beds on that wall if they were up against the main entrance like that. 2018-04-23_00062018-04-23_0007This record player has been one of my favorite purchases for her “big girl room”.  Q listens to stories and music before bed and on “sleepover nights” Q & A put on records and dance and act them out (everything is a “show” with these two!) Plus, collecting old vintage records has been SO. MUCH. FUN! Think The Greatest Showman soundtrack will come out on vinyl?!! (Update: it HAS, and I already ordered it!!!) 😉2018-04-23_00082018-04-23_0009I kept certain items from her “baby” room because she’s still only six- even if her room is a little more sophisticated now. Her little pink dollhouse and baskets of stuffed animals remind me that she’s still my baby. I know one day they’ll be replaced with “bigger girl” items. But not today! 😉 2018-04-23_00102018-04-23_0011This Petal Lane “being yourself” quote is actually a magnet board! I think it will be fun for Q to tack pictures to it as she gets older. And that DREAM sign stayed from her old room (it actually lights up and serves as a night light) and I just repainted the frame around it to pop against the newly white walls. (They used to be grey).2018-04-23_00122018-04-23_00132018-04-23_00142018-04-23_0015This gorgeous fiber art rainbow was the pièce de résistance for the room. It’s my a favorite thing EVER and I now need one for every room in the house! And how pretty is that gold foil Eiffel Tower print? (I love breaking up a book shelf with a pretty piece of framed art!) You should’ve seen Q’s face when she saw this. It’s her “dream” to go see the Eiffel Tower one day! Both items are linked, along with everything else, below.2018-04-23_0016Here’s a little TIP for decorating book shelves: If the highest shelf is out of reach for your kiddos try finding books with pretty covers and then ONLY putting the book covers on display on the highest shelf. Tell your kiddos what you’ve done so they don’t go reaching for them. Here’s why I do this: 1.Kids won’t get hurt trying reach for out-of-reach books (aka no heavy books will come crashing down on their heads) and 2. You can put the actual books in a bin somewhere at their level so they can still enjoy the books without them just being “decorations” up high on a shelf, collecting dust.2018-04-23_00172018-04-23_00182018-04-23_00192018-04-23_0020

Hope you liked her little room tour! Links and a collage for pinning are below!




| Wallpaper | Beds | Rainbow Fiber Art | Wall Book Shelves Hanging Chair |Fiddle- is real 😉 | Fiddle Planter | Pink Gingham Pillow cover | ottoman pouf | Gold rolling basket | Stuffed Mermaids | Floral Pillow Cases | Dalmatian Pillow Cases | All other accent throw pillows were found at Home Goods and Target | Book Shelf |Wicker storage baskets | Golden Elephant | Unicorn ipod speaker (Pottery Barn- No longer available) | Book Ends | Dresser | Pom Garland | Dream Sign | Giant frame found at Hobby Lobby & spray painted (similar one HERE) | Pink Dollhouse (Pottery Barn, not available online- similar one HERE) | “Beautiful” quote art | Mirror from Home Goods, similar one HERE, or HERE is a cheval option! | Big Basket |Pink Pom Throw blanket | wooden monogram | Record Player | Comforters | Gold Foil Eiffel Tower Print |Bulb Sconces | Ceiling Light Fixture |Rug is old PBK but here are two similar options: ONE & TWO | Pink Drapes | White Ruffle Blackout Drapes | Girls Play Gowns | Doll Strollers


Julia, Child | Gaston | Flora and the Flamingos |Someday |I Had a Favorite Dress   (w/cover removed)| Madeline | A Little Princess | The Book with No Pictures | Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet

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  1. I love everything about it! I am itching to redo my kids rooms but have to wait until our late summer addition is done. Great job!

  2. beautiful room! may I ask where the mermaid tail blanket is from. I didn’t see a link.

    1. Ah it’s so old & it was a small IG shop…Alex..something? Alexandrios? Ahh I don’t know! I’m sorry!

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