Kid’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Ok friends, here it is- the 2018 Kid’s Gift Guide! I’m SO excited to share this guide with you and I truly hope you find that perfect something for your perfect little someone! Happy Shopping!


(See also “Toddler Girl Toys” for more ideas)



  • Magnolia Dollhouse (4) a favorite from last year (fits small figurines like this cute dollhouse family(8) or any figurines of your choice! Ardyn uses these Peppa Pig dolls (3)!)
  • We LOVE our Magnolia house but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely obsessed with this Castle Doll House (5) & the Royal Family (2)!! If you’re looking for something more whimsical, please get this so I can live vicariously through you! (You may need to trade in the crowned jewels themselves to pay for it!) 😉
  • Some favorite dollhouse Furniture: indoor (1) | outdoor (7) (if sold out- try these: one | two)  |  dollhouse car (9)  (cheaper options: one | two)
  • For more small dollhouse accessories click HERE and HERE!
  • If your little lady prefers Barbies, I think the KidKraft dollhouses are the best out there! We love THIS ONE (6)!





Big Girl


Caboodle (1): (We got Q a caboodle for her birthday this past August and filled it with some fun trinkets. She’s been obsessed ever since and I’ve been promising you a recap with links on the blog, so I figured the Holiday Gift Guide would be the perfect place to add it!) Here are some ideas to fill her caboodle: Petite N Pretty Makeup (3) (non-toxic) |glitter pom clips(19) | cupcake lip gloss (17) | Sleep Mask (4)|NailMatic NailPolish(20) -our fav non toxic brand!|Animalz Face Masks (10)| Ryan & Wren Clips (21) {Use code BF2018 for 30% off -on Nov 23rd only!!}| Enamel Pins(8)|Phone Cord Hair Ties (18) | Tic Tacs | Fun Gummies (9)| $5 Gift Card to somewhere fun like Target or FroYo(22)| small brush (12)|new sunnies (6)| ZoZu Baby scrunchie (5) {Use code JORDAN20 for 20% off!}| A Cute Ellia May Bow (16) {Use code JORDAN for 20% off!}|Fleece Spa Headband (24)| Lip Smackers (11)|Panda Lotion (23) | Letter Stickers(7) for decorating her caboodle! | A Small Surprise Pack (14)|Bath Bomb (15)|Kid-safe bath salts (2) |Kid-safe Face wipes(13)|Her own Personal Stationary (25) {Use code HOLIDAY20}| Poppy Lane & Co Bracelets (26) I absolutely LOVE bracelets. They come in Mommy-and-me sets and they are SO adorable that the kids want to wear them all the time {Use code JORDAN15 for a discount} | …And any other fun age appropriate trinkets you want to add! You can make the work for almost any age kiddo!

Other fun Caboodle ideas…

  1. Fill it with legos to create a cute lego travel kit! Q asked for this Classic Lego Mixed Box for Christmas.
  2. Fill it with small notebooks, cards, stationary, fun pens and stickers (from Arts & Crafts Section Above!) to create a cute travel art/writing box!

Have fun with it!



  • Playing Cards (7) How great are these little feminist cards?
  • Chess/Checkers (1) Q swears she learned to play chess at school and wants a set for the house. I’m getting her this cute wooden one but I’m slightly nervous that she’ll ask for help!
  • Math Fact Flashcards (8)
  • Counting Puzzle (2)
  • Super Genius: Letters (4) | Addition (3)| Reading This is one of our favorite card games to play and I love that there are different levels for different ages!
  • Rummikub (6) This used to be one of my favorite games to play with my grandma. I’m excited to teach Q to play.
  • Monopoly Jr (5)– I can’t even lie to you…I do not enjoy Monopoly. But this looks like a version I can handle! 😉


  • Jump Rope (1) My girls always love getting classic gifts like this!
  • Pulse Light-Up Skates (3) Q got ice skates for her birthday this year and has since been begging for big girl roller skates. These are pretty awesome! I’m also OBSESSED with these winged skates! (2) They just remind me of Adventures in Babysitting!
  • Tokyo Bike (4) (This little bike is pricey- but I just love the look of it. So classic…and I feel like it would last forever and a day.)
  • Playhouse to Makeover (5) (I’ve been wanting to do this little project for a while now and the girls have been asking for a playhouse, so I feel like Christmas is the perfect time to get it done!) NOTE: This playhouse has been painted and made over…it does not come this way.
  • Pedal Go Kart (6)- My in-laws bought these for the girls last Christmas and they were a HIT!
  • Pony Rider (7) I kind of want to get one just to see my kids riding down the street on it! Hahah!
  • Wooden Balance Board (8) I feel like all three of my kiddos will love this and the play possibilities are endless.
  • Swurfer Swing (9)– My kiddos LOVE ours!
  • Ride On Car (10)
  • Power Wheels Wild Thing (11) Don’t forget a helmet! 😉
  • Best Sand & Water Table (12) Be sure to include some fun toys like these: tools | non-toxic water beads | kinetic sand
  • Helmet (13) I love how simple and classic these are!
  • Balance Bike (14) The best way to learn to ride a bike, in my opinion! Both my girls had one!
  • Keenz Wagon (15)– Ok, buy this one for yourself and say it’s for the kids! 😉 {Use code JORDAN18 }
  • Unicorn Snow Tube(not pictured) Also comes in a yeti! So cute!


(See also “Toddler Girl Toys” for more ideas)

big boy

Here’s the deal you guys, I am so out of touch with what older boys are into these days. I complied a list of what I thought were some “out-of-the-box ideas” for you…assuming you’d have all the sports equipment, video games, etc. under wraps all on your own. I may be clueless, but thought these were fun ideas and I should mention- I plan on getting my girls some of these items and I encourage you to shop some of the categories above for your bigger boys as well, depending on their interests! There’s some great stuff linked up above that’d be perfect for boys AND girls!


Don’t forget the extras! I love to get gift tag stickers with our family’s name on them so that I can use them for neighbors, teachers, and family/friend gifts! I also get “Santa” stickers made up so it’s easy to slap them on all the kids’ gifts and they can recognize which are theirs on Christmas morning. I typically get a sheet of sticker tags that read “To: Quinlin Love, Santa” (for each child) and then a set of tags that say “Share Gift!” (I’d say about 75% of the girl’s Christmas toys are “share” gifts!) My fav go-to spot for ALL stationary/labels/stickers is Joy Creative Shop! {use code HOLIDAY20 for a discount!}

For even MORE ideas check out my

2017 Kid’s Holiday Guide !

Happy Holidays, my friends!


13 thoughts on “Kid’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018

  1. Love it!!! I have a little guy too (18 months!) Teddy is also getting a train table from Santa. Can I ask why you choose that train table over others? There are soooo many, I’m having a hard time choosing!!!

    1. I love the quality of kidkraft! I also liked the lighter wood color, the bins under the table & that the train set came with the table. I looked at a few sets and like how this one had the “tracks” for the trains mixed with flat “roads” for cars. I just thought there were fun features Max would enjoy playing with. On other sets I saw the buildings were made of laminated cardboard…which would NOT stand up in our house! 😂

    1. Aw thank you so much! It did…hahaha…but I hope it can help busy mamas save some time this Holiday season! xo

  2. Thank you for all of the wonderful gift ideas for my grand children! I wanted to also ask if you have any recommendations for playtime kitchen sets? I’ve looked at many different ones and can’t decide!

      1. I totally missed it when I looked the first time! Thank you! I’ve already bought several items from your guide and I appreciated the discount on some of them too!

  3. Love all your ideas! I started my list and it feels good to give them toys with creative play options. Thank you!! One link is missing at the Little girl toys section: 5″ Mini Dolls (7).

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