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Before I get started let me just say that Easter baskets are my favorite! They are so fun to put together & shop for without the stress that comes with Christmas. Growing up, I remember a few things that my Easter baskets ALWAYS contained, year-after-year without fail. They were:

1. Something cozy (like new pjs, slippers, or socks)

2.  A new VHS or DVD (obviously these are kind of irrelevant these days so I like to replace these with some books!)

3. Toys that encourage outside play

4. Fun knick-knacks like hair ties, bows, small toys, new crayons, etc.

5. Candy ( a chocolate bunny and haribo gummy bears were a must!)

So, once I had kids I always tried to keep within the same 5 themes when shopping for Easter basket goodies. I’ve categorized my picks below!

Please note this is a list of ideas I complied, not a list of everything my kids are getting!! Some are items they’ve gotten in years past & loved, some are items Ardyn is getting for her upcoming birthday but I thought would also make great Easter gifts! Anyways, Happy Basket stuffing!!!



First off- Baskets! THESE are the baskets we use. I like to get the big size since some of their little gifties take up a lot of space. I’ll get them new liners every few years but I also love the look of them without liners! This year I’ll be getting Max THIS basket for his first Easter! I also make sure I have some cute smaller baskets for when they go to egg hunts, etc. I love THIS Bunny ONE from Pottery Barn and THIS Simple White basket for $6!!!!




Next, let’s talk eggs! I usually put a few pieces of candy inside plastic eggs but this year I am using these adorable paper mache eggs from the Target:Magnolia line. As far as egg decorating goes, I love this Natural Egg Dye (must easier than making your own…which I tried one year). And last year I was way too pregnant to deal with real eggs so we painted wooden eggs and it was actually WAY more fun- plus you can use them every year. Here is a cute Wooden Egg Kit.


While decorating eggs, here are some of my favorite books to read: Rechenka’s Eggs, The Easter Egg Artists, The Easter Egg, and The Golden Egg Book


Girl’s Baskets


2018-02-21_0004rock crayons |gel crayons |  Dollhouse Book



2018-02-21_0006rainbow pillow |new slippers | pjs





 I always like to get them a special piece of jewelry that they can store in their jewelry boxes and wear on special occasions. This year I’m doing these precious silhouette charm necklaces from VonJet Silhouettes! And a jewelry box is always a great Easter gift! This one from pottery barn is my favorite- both girls have one!



2018-02-21_0014Pool/Beach Towels| Flamingo Float (Cheaper version) |Rainbow Sprinkler (This sold out last year!) |Fairy House book & Fairy Garden Starter Kit, or THIS is a cheaper option |Water Beads & Fine Motor Tools |Bubble Blaster |Gardening Kit |chalk & stencils





100% Natural Bath Bombs with surprise toy inside (are your kids as obsessed with these as mine are?) |Wooden Wagon Rainbow |Camp Castle Mini Play Mat |Non-Toxic Nail Polish |Little Cosmetics (100% fake makeup) |Blue Tooth Microphone |Disney Emoji Journal of Quizzes |sushi play food |Pretend Lunch Box Set– my girls love playing school, so they will think this is super fun! |Tea Set &Breakfast in Bed Set |LOL Dolls– My girls are currently obsessed with annoying little surprise packs and they happen to be sold out everywhere. I linked some on Amazon, but here’s a little hidden secret, you can get them HERE on Ali Express for under $5 (but the shipping will take a long time!) Just FYI!!





Rainbow Backpack (I feel like this is going to be a hot item- GRAB IT NOW!) | Nailmatic water-based, non-toxic nail polish set! |Tennis Racket shaped bag (obsessed!) |New Mini Melissa Shoes (these are great to wear to dance class!) and THESE jellies are perfect for all Spring/Summer long! |Ryan and Wren Clips how cute is this set I’ve dubbed “The Mermaid”?!|Fun Hair Pom-Ties |Rose Gold Rain Boots (um hello. I want these in my size!!!)




Doll House furniture (for the Magnolia dollhouse from Target that we got for Christmas. The dollhouse is no longer available at Target. I did find it on Amazon from 3rd party sellers at a more expensive price HERE  but HERE is another sweet favorite, as well as this THIS one from Pottery Barn.) Ok, Favorite Furniture Links: Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kid’s Room, Playground, Car   If you’d rather just buy one complete set: THIS one from Land of Nod is super cute! Also, Ardyn plays with her Peppa Pig figurines in her dollhouse which I think is so cute! Here is a cute set: Peppa Pig Family Figurines & this cute Peppa and Friends Set




I also always include a few books in their Easter Baskets. This year I chose more “Spring Themed” books as opposed to Easter books so that they can enjoy them for the next few months!  For a complete list of fun Spring Books see Easter & Spring Books . These are a few of my favs: Nature’s Day & the accompanying Collecting & Activity Book , Bees: A Honeyed History Book, This book is also stunningly beautiful: How to be a Wildflower and I’m eager to get my hands on this new book: Bloom  (UPDATE: Please see my Easter Book post for an updated review of this book. In my opinion, it may not be appropriate for young children. BUT, it is a beautifully illustrated book and will LOOK pretty on a shelf! It may be one to save until your children are older. )


Boy’s Baskets

I’m keeping this list a little shorter than the girls only because I feel like lots of the items in both categories can be gender neutral! Also, because…I’m still learning boys! 😉


inflatable basketball hoop | shark kite | chalk paint | magnifying glass | Ferry Boat pool/bath toy |Wooden Tool Set |Rock, Paper, Scissors Card Game |Magnetic Slime |Mash’ems Mystery Packs |Harry Potter Illustrated Edition -um, I also bought this for my girls. I’m hoarding the whole set in my attic until they get a little bigger!! | Adventure Design Kit |Terry Hooded Cover Up |Babiators – 100% rubber, flexible and 100% UV protection | Skateboard jams – come in other colors/designs |racetrack playmat – ps- also bought this for Cubby! Pair with some matchbox cars and you’re all set! |Travel Lego Case – yep, also got this for the girls! Pair with a mini version of your kiddo’s favorite  lego set!


Baby Baskets

Goodies for your baby boy OR girl!2018-02-21_00112018-03-07_0009

rubber duck |ride on bike with basket  |dinosaur sprinkler (I’m stashing this one away because it’s so flipping cute!) |Water Buckets |Wooden Camera Toy |Puzzle |new pjs (and a cheaper, almost identical option HERE) |new rash guard & swim trunks for our June vacation |Pantone Box of Colors Board Books| Treats- since Max can’t have candy, I’ll throw some of these Yogurt Melts into his basket. The Happy Baby brand is our favorite! |A new lovey- THESE from Milk Barn are Max’s fav. Plus I don’t need to worry about the safety hazard of sleeping with a full sized blanket. |Carrot Teether | Bunny Puppet – my kiddos LOVED puppets and this one reminds me of my pet bunny Kitt’ny I had as a kid! | Sweet Pink Chicken Bubble perfect for summer! |BANANA pjs!!!! | Sand Toys come in different color sets for boy or girl!| The Secret Garden Baby Lit Book

I can’t wait to see what you put in your Easter baskets! Tag me in a photo on IG- I’ll post some of my favs on my stories!  @jordan.and.co





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