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Spring & Easter Books are some of my favorites! All the pastel colors, the cute baby animals! Remember, think outside the box and don’t stress about building your collection overnight. Choose a few fun Easter books that catch your eye and then fill your Spring/Easter book nook with other books about warm weather, new beginnings, April showers & May flowers, gardening, ect. Short on those books too? Scour your book bins and set out any books that your kiddos haven’t had their hands on in a little while…bonus points if the covers are pretty pastels! 😉

I’ve included a few different categories for this post so I hope you’ll find the perfect book- whether it’s for your library collection or for your kiddo’s Easter baskets!

2020 FINDS


The Great Egg-scape | E is for Easter |Easter is Coming |We are the Gardeners | The Honeybee |Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring |Wish |Eggs are Everywhere


2019 FINDS

Remember The Little Reindeer book I brought you in December and The Bad Seed I introduced a few Octobers ago? Well both authors have NEW books out for Spring this year. They were my two new purchases this spring and I think you’ll love them too! Too Many Carrots is another fun one we discovered this year!


The Little Rabbit |The Good Egg|Too Many Carrots



Easter Specific Books

I’ve included some cute newer releases as well as some Easter CLASSICS that I remember reading as a kid.


  • Rechenka’s Eggs– When I taught third grade, I taught a whole unit on Patricia Polacco. She is a superb storyteller!!
  • The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes – And old classic! Tells the story of how a new Easter Bunny is chosen once it is time for the old Easter Bunny to retire. Anyone can become The Easter Bunny- even this hard-working mama rabbit with 21 baby bunnies!
  • The Story of Easter – One of my favs, if you are looking for a religious tie-in. The illustrations bring me back to my childhood!
  • Wolfie The Bunny – A newer, sillier book- but super adorable!
  • The Easter Bunny’s Assistant– poor little skunk wants to help Easter Bunny get ready for Easter, but he just keeps getting a little TOO excited…will it result in the stinkiest Easter ever?!
  • The Biggest Easter Basket Ever – While trying to compete for the title of “Biggest Easter Basket” at their town festival, these two cute mice (from The Biggest Pumpkin Ever) learn a lesson in cooperation
  • The Easter Egg – It’s by Jan Brett, you guys!! This story is a beautiful classic!
  • The Golden Egg Book – A classic by Margaret Wise Brown (Big Red Barn, Goodnight Moon, etc.) about a sweet little bunny who just cannot rest until he finds out WHAT is inside an egg he finds.
  • The Easter Egg Artists – An old classic about an established bunny family of “easter egg decorators” whose son is discovering just what kind of artist he wants to be.


Books with Bunnies

(not Easter specific)


  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit – I don’t think I need to explain this one!
  • Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present– Such a sweet story about a bunny who helps a little girl who is trying to find the perfect gift for her mother.
  • Home for a Bunny – Another Margaret Wise Brown classic, from 1956, about a little bunny’s journey to try and find the perfect home!
  • Marshmallow– Do you even care what this story is about?! Look at how CUTE the cover is!!! Ok fine, it’s basically about the cutest, most charming, most irresistible bunny ever. Seriously- that’s what it’s about.
  • Yoga Bunny – I mean, who DOESN’T do yoga these days? (me.)
  • The Runaway Bunny- Let’s just go ahead and call this the Margaret Wise Brown book list!  But seriously, this is the SWEETEST classic about a mama bunny who will find her baby bunny no matter how many times he runs away (while playing hide-and-seek) *Also fits in the “Baby Book” section below*
  • The Black Rabbit – super cute little book about a rabbit who is being “chased” by his shadow
  • Bunny Roo, I Love You – A sweet, sweet story about a mama’s love for her new baby! *Also fits in the “Baby Book” section below*
  • And perhaps, my very very VERY favorite Bunny story of ALL TIMES:


The Velveteen Rabbit

I have my original edition and my brown bunny rabbit (that I truly believed was magical) from my childhood sitting on the bookshelves in our current playroom. LOVE this story so much!



Springtime Books

Since Easter is so early this year, we needed some non-Easter specific books to get us through the rest of the month once we’re feeling all Easter-ed out!2018-02-22_00032018-02-24_00042018-02-28_0002

  • Blueberries for Sal – a classic story that I always bring out for Spring/Summer
  • Make Way for Ducklings– another classic! And perfect for Springtime.
  • When Spring Comes – Kevin Henkes (author of Waiting) is such a wonderfully simple storyteller. *Buy this in the board book version and it fits perfectly in the “Baby Book” section below*
  • You Belong Here – a richly illustrated book that reminds children that they are right where they belong!
  • The Blue Songbird A beautiful book, written in prose, about setting out to find your destiny. An empowering and sweet story!
  • The Carrot Seed – From the creator of Harold and the Purple Crayon. A cute story about patience.
  • Hatch, Little Egg – EVERYONE is going to see the little egg hatch…but they’re all in for a little surprise. Filled with satire & humor.
  • Up in the Garden, Down in the Dirt – Got this at the kids book fair in the Fall and I’ve been waiting for Springtime to put it out! Love this book that take a look at a Garden from above & below!
  • A Walk Through the Woods – Poetic text and beautiful paper-cut illustrations
  • Florette- The story of how one little girl finds nature in the big city!
  • Bloom– Apparently this is the story of fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, who “dared to be different” UPDATE: While I LOVE the look of this book and may use it as decoration in my library- I didn’t love some of the messages and ideas for young children. I feel like maybe none of the editors had children?! The girl plants flower seeds in her ears, nose, and mouth “trying to be beautiful” and her imagination leads her to get a little carried away at times. An uplifting story for adults or older “fashion students”, etc. but in my opinion it is not really a great read for little children…especially little children with big imaginations! 😉
  • Be Kind – oh this book is so sweet about a little girl whose mother taught her to be kind. She goes out of her way to help another child feel better. LOVE!
  • Everything Spring– a great non-fiction option for your library! You know I always love to include some non-fiction.
  • Egg – Kevin Henkes, back at it with another “graphic novel” type picture book- great for preschoolers, with comic-book like panels, wordless pages, repetition, and surprises
  • The Big Book of Bugs – Another book I’ve been hoarding from the book fair back in November…October? Can’t Remember. But nothing says springtime like some creepy crawlies!
  • A River– A sweet book about a little girl who allows her imagination to take her on a journey, out of her home in the city and into the wild…on a river.
  • Morris Mole– Poor little Morris is always misunderstood- but he finally gets the chance to save the day….can he do it?
  • **Lola Dutch is a Little Bit Much – one of my FAV new books for Spring. I bought this the day it was released and loved it so much I thought about trying to plan Cub’s birthday around this book- it’s THAT adorable!
  • The Pink Umbrella– a beautiful book about friendship and “giving back” to those that are always going out of their way to make others a little bit happier.
  • The Digger and the Flower – “When Digger discovers something growing in the rubble, he sets in motion a series of events that will change him, and the city, forever.”



Non-Story Nature Books

Although I never like to put an age on a book (my 6 1/2 year old still enjoys board books!) these are probably more suitable for older, school-aged children (I’d say ages 5/6+. Q will love these because she’s SO interested in learning “allthethings” and especially loves nature and animals!)


  • Nature Anatomy: This book is GORGEOUS & full of fun facts and info. I’m putting this one in Q’s Easter basket. She will love looking through it all year long!
  • How to be a Wildflower: A Field Guide. Stunningly illustrated little gem of a book for your nature-lover. Note: this is not a story book, it is a “field guide”!
  • Nature’s Day -This book walks readers through nine different locations through each of the four seasons. Also has an activity book that goes along with it.
  • Bees: A Honeyed History an encyclopedia style text all about the history of bees, with the most beautiful illustrations!



Perfect Books for the Tiniest Listeners



Hope you find something you love!



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