February Book Picks

Ok, fellow book hoarders…here it is: February Book Picks! I tried to keep the list short, but I mean, come on– books about love are the best kind, aren’t they? Here are a few of my very favorite new books for the month!

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Happy Reading!


This Year’s Picks:


Love is my Favorite Thing |The Pink Umbrella |Lola Dutch I Love you so Much | Dear Boy, |L is for Love | The Love Letter |Love is a Truck | The Snowy Nap | The Hug


2019 Picks:


The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy |A Crankenstien Valentine | Love Monster |Ollie’s Valentine | Dear Girl |Everything is Mama |Pig the Pug |Plant a Kiss |You! |I Need A Hug | How Do I Love Thee?| I’ll Love You Till The Cows Come Home |Part of My Heart | Love is a TuTu | Love is a Truck| Paris | A Unicorn Named Sparkle | Arthur’s Valentine | The Valentine Bears


2018 Picks:


Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch | The Day it Rained Hearts | The Biggest Valentine Ever | Llama, Llama I Love You | In My Heart | Snow Sisters | When an Elephant Falls in Love | Words and your Heart | This is NOT a Valentine


 Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink | GroundHUG Day | LOVE from the Very Hungry Caterpillar | Extra Yarn | The Story of Ferdinand | Flora and the Flamingo | Looking at Lincoln |Love is |Hug Machine





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