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Don’t ask me how in the world it’s time for MARCH books already, but it is! Maybe we spent so dang long in January that now the rest of the months are just trying to catch up?!

Anyways, I know St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the biggest of holidays for everyone, but WE are Irish (& Italian- thanks Dad!), so in our house it’s a green-wearing, leprechaun- trapping, Lucky Charms-eating kinda day.

So, that being said, you know I have a stockpile of St. Patty’s Day books ready to hit the Library shelves! Here is a little round up of some of my old and new favs!


Fiona’s Lace (on the longer side, but Patricia Polacco might be one of my favorite story tellers EVER so it’s ok!)| How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow | The Story of the Leprechaun | Light Makes a Rainbow (you know I always like to get a good non-fiction in there!) | Mixed: A Colorful Story | Anne of Green Gables (a babylit board book) | The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day




1. Leprechaun in Late Winter: (a MTH novel) perfect for your monthly read-aloud or for your older readers.

2. How to Build a Leprechaun Trap: Just got this one and I’m SO excited to get crafty & build some traps with the girls this year!

3. This is Ireland : a simple book, highlighting the best/favorite traits and places of “ye old country”

4. Emeraldalicious: for your girls-girl. Cause green is cool, too.

5. How to Trap a Leprechaun: I linked it on Amazon but when I wrote this post it was already SOLD OUT there. If it’s still sold out, here is a link to Barnes and Nobles.

6. The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow: …give me all the rainbow books! I mean, the leprechaun’s name is Roy G. Biv. Need I say more?

7. How to Catch a Leprechaun: A cute little book, written in verse

8. The Luckiest St. Patrick’s Day Ever: Another cute little rhyming story.

9. St. Patrick’s Day : the story of St. Patrick…cause we’re Catholic and I used to love learning about the Saints as a kid!

10. Too Many Leprechauns : I’ve had this book FOREVER! It’s a cute story about the trouble the leppies get into during the other 364 days of the year!

11. Lucky Tucker : Not gonna lie, the title got me on this one! I’ll have to make sure I read carefully to the children…wouldn’t want any slips of the tongue! A cute story of one pup’s rise from having nothing to being the luckiest of them all!

12. St. Patrick’s Day: A cute little book about how the kids in one classroom celebrate the holiday

13. Jamie O’Rourke & the Big Potato : Ireland is all about folklore and this is the perfect little folk tale! I love this story about a man who’s wife gets sick and he needs to (gasp…) fend for himself! Plus, it’s by Tomie dePaola you guys! (Have you heard of Strega Nona? yeah-him!)

14. That’s What Leprechauns Do : A story about what Leprechaun’s do best: get into mischief! Plus, Eve Bunting can do no wrong in my book! 😉

15. St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning: Another tale by Eve Bunting. I swear, you guys- her story telling is just phenomenal. This isn’t a quick rhyme and play book, its a beautifully written STORY. My favorite kind.

16. Tim O’Toole and the Wee Folk: It starts “In a little cottage, on a little hill, at the end of a little lane in Donegal…” Sign me up, I’m already hooked.

17. O’Sullivan Stew: The story of how one young lass uses imagination to save her family from trouble. A great read, but a bit on the longer side. Maybe for older readers or if you’re feeling really invested in bed-time stories one night! 😉


Happy Reading, friends…and good luck trapping those Leppies, this year! If I come across any more gems I’ll add them here:




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