Tennis Camp Favs

tennis apparel

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tennis accessories

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Tips to help you find the right racket size!


Where to take tennis lessons/attend tennis camp?

Check your local pool club, country club, community center, YMCA, college campus, or anywhere around town you’ve seen tennis courts! Chances are, they do lessons!



Ardyn’s Aqua & White dress that so many of you asked about is no longer available- I’ve searched, I promise! We bought it at our club last year & the maker is Little Miss Tennis if you want to do your own searching! 😉 A few of the girl’s other dresses that I didn’t link were also purchased at our club and I couldn’t find links! So sorry! Also, the girl’s rainbow backpacks were from my Easter Basket 2018 post. They are sold out now, but I’ll link them again here in case they restock!

Initial hats, as always, are from Rey to Z!

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