Teacher Favorites

At our preschool, the Parents’ Club sends out an email at the beginning of the year with filled out “Teacher Favorites” forms for each member of the school staff. It’s always SUCH a helpful tool of reference; when a teacher has a birthday, during the holidays, at the end of the year, or any time I want to bring our awesome teachers or office staff a little treat.

When I used to teach, I remember a few parents asking me some of my favorite things at the beginning of the year and then surprising me on random mornings with my favorite Starbs drink or a salad from my favorite lunch spot. Those days, I always had a little pep in my step; seriously though, knowing and appreciating your teacher- even through tiny gestures really goes a long way. So, now, as a parent on the other side, I know how hard it is to scramble at any sort of gift-giving time- trying to figure out whether the teacher is a “monogrammed stationary” or a “Target gift card” kind of a person. I understand gifts are supposed to be generous and thoughtful and appreciated no matter what they are, but wouldn’t it be nicer to spend your money on something your kids’ awesome teacher really wants or needs? For example, a teacher friend of mine does not drink coffee, or go to Starbucks and has probably the most impressive collection of coffee mugs and Starbucks cards of anyone I know! Honestly, knowing things like your teacher’s favorite place to shop, favorite Starbucks drink, favorite color, flower or snack is just super helpful information to have throughout the year.

Since I love this idea so much, I made a generic form based on the one created by our preschool and thought I’d share it with you!

Happy Back-to-School to all the kiddos, parents, AND amazing Teachers!

(Click link below to download form!)


Teacher’s Favorite Things



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