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 Ballet starts today for the girls and I wanted to share a few of my tried and trusted favorite dance supplies with you!


Dance Bags




  • Target Pink Mini Parachute Satchel (we got these this year and had the girls names monogrammed in white! They’re SO cute!!)
  • Personalized Totes (We used these last year and they were perfect for smaller girls who don’t have much to carry into dance class. We needed something bigger this year.)

Dance Shoes



  • Ballet- Bloch  They’ve come out with “string/tie” free ballet slippers.  We purchased some this year and if you hate tying those tiny little strings into knots or bows like I do, these are totally worth the extra $9!
  • Tap- Capezio   We are lucky enough to have a Capezio store right by us so we always run in to get new dance shoes every year. It’s kind of a fun tradition for my girls to get fitted together.


  • Ballet- Target ballet shoes ( I grabbed Cub some of these last year last minute and they lasted the whole season!)
  • Tap- Target Tap Shoes (Ok I just totally dropped the ball last year when none of Q’s hand-me-downs fit Cub and I ran to Target to get all of her shoes. These were fine for the year. But they aren’t THAT much cheaper than the Capezio and the velcro strap kept putting pulls in her tights!)

Transition Shoes




  • Mini Melissa– We’ve been buying MMs for years now and they are our FAVORITE shoes to wear into and out of dance class…can’t be scuffing up those tap shoes and slippers, now!


  • Old Navy Pink Jelly Mary Janes – They may not be as soft or durable as Mini Melissa, but these bad boys are sweet and CHEAP…not to mention bringing back some totally 80s vibes.


  • These Dance warm-up booties are great transition shoes! I love them for when Q has multiple classes to go to and she can slip these on OVER her dance shoes in between classes. They are designed to fit over ballet & jazz shoes so that you can get your kiddos fully dressed for dance (dance shoes included) and then run in/out of the studio (while keeping your dance shoe soles protected), and then just slip them off right before class. We’ve recently changed over to these booties and the “no more changing in/out of dance shoes in the lobby” has been a game changer! They come in lots of colors. The sizing can be tricky though. Q is in a shoe size 1, and wears the XL (but I think she could’ve gotten away with the L). Ardyn is a shoe size 11 and she wears a M.

When in doubt…my girls throw on their rain boots when we are headed to dance class! Favorites here: one | two | three




  • Capezio– I’ve found with dance tights, more is MORE! The more expensive, the better the quality, the longer they last! I splurge for a few nice thick pairs and they last SO much longer than the thin cheapies!


  • Target Tights – Use in a pinch and be warned…they’ll rip after one wear and I can’t stand the seams that show.
  • Dipug Tights – Found these on Amazon & giving them a try…stay posted!



I used to do all the fun leotards from my fav small IG shops, but I’ve found I like classic the best. So we stick to black & pink, short sleeve and long sleeve. The strappy leotards tend to fall off my girls or they feel too exposed up top. We do have a few strappy ones, but when they wear them, the girls usually wear a dance wrap sweater over (see “Extras” below).


  • I’m sorry but Capezio is my go-to for dance clothes for the fit & quality… but that doesn’t mean you have to pay full price! I find capezio deals on zappos and amazon!


  • Zulily always has the BEST deals on dance clothes!
  • Target their “less blingy” leotards are pretty cute! My girls like these skirted ones!



Dance Books


Ivy & Bean  | Tallulah’s Tutu | Miss Lina’s Ballerinas |Ella Bella Ballerina | The Ballet Book (Q loves “big girl” books like this!) | We Love Ballet | The Yellow Tutu

Happy Dancing!


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