Father’s Day 4.0

Ok, So don’t tell my husband I’ve posted this yet because I’d kind of like this to be a surprise for him.

( Ryan, if you’re reading this- go away. K, thanks. Love you. Bye. 😉 )

So, these pictures have become our yearly tradition. Technically he knows he’s getting this photo for Father’s Day, but there’s something about him seeing it for the first time, every year, on his special day, that is just so amazing. (Yes, there are usually tears all around.) There is just something about seeing an entire year pass by in one blink of an eyelid; seeing 365 days of growth and change right before your eyes. He loves it, and I love it.

DSC_1184 copy

Sometimes I stress about “doing it all”.

Haha-just kidding. Not sometimes- ALL the time!

You know what I mean- the pressure to get a pinterest-worthy picture at every holiday and birthday, posed the same way every year, photos with monthly stickers and quotes about what they loved most that year, first day of this special event, the last day of another…sometimes its all just too much.

This is my back-up plan, my parachute, my little fireman trampoline-thingy, my “it’s ok if you totally mess up this year and forget to do all THE THINGS” thing.  I know that however crazy the year gets and whatever milestones I forget to document,  there will always be this- every Father’s Day (for as long as they’ll let me).  It’s my yearly photo that always stays the same- everything except nothing at all, really. Look at them! They are two different people, from each other and from their earlier selves. So much has changed and having it all here- in chronological order makes my OCD heart so very happy.

(I have it titled and watermarked in case you’d like to pin it for future reference.)


So, if you’re still looking for a Father’s Day idea this year, I highly suggest something as simple as a new photo of your kiddos for Daddy to put on his desk at work. It’s never too late to start a new tradition! 🙂

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