Waiting for Daddy to come home might be the most exciting time of the day for the girls.

Quin is debating where she should hide so Daddy won’t be able find her, Ardyn is a flurry of shrieking excitement just watching her big sister bounce around the house. Random hugs are given, wrestling matches ensue, and most usually someone winds up getting hurt (…or annoyed. Hello, Ardyn.) Zoe blinks lazily and watches what has become her new norm and mommy uses this as the perfect opportunity to catch that candid shot of the babe holding her bottle the way that she does. Because, oh sweet Lord, I never want to forget it.

 Curtains are pulled back, windows are sat in (and licked, breathed on, finger & face printed) and dinner grows cold at the table. Because, duh, who can eat when they are this excited?

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