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Alright- I’m in NO rush for summer to be over, but let’s just say that, practically-speaking, it probably isn’t the worst idea to get some of the basic school supplies ordered. You know, so we can kick back and not think about using them for the next few weeks. backtoschool

So here you go—

my “ordering list” for back to school:



Cub is issued a backpack for her grade so she’s boring (I mean, easy!) this year! 😉

Q & I love the State backpacks, so she chose this rainbow star design pictured below this year. They hold up really well (although the metallic ones can start to peel a bit. Q had the gold one last year and I actually don’t mind the “worn in” look, but it may not be for everyone.)


rainbow stars | gold metalic

Here are Q’s runner-up choices & some other favorites I found:2019-07-24_0003

(Most of these are already sold out on the State website, so I linked them where I could find them!)rainbow (I was pushing for this one, but Q didn’t want it!) | black graphic (this was Q’s second choice!)| metallic confetti | clear confetti (we have the older colorway of this one and both girls love it!)| purple colorway


star keychain| rainbow keychain| Pom key chain |Name Bubbles Labels (We put these labels on EVERYTHING from shoes to water bottles!) Use code JORDAN20 FOR 20% OFF!

For more on how Q personalized her backpack with fun keychains, patches, and pins last year click HERE!


So important!  …especially when you have to wear a boring old uniform every day (jk, I LOVE the uniform thing! So easy!) Anyways, here are some of my fav brands for school bows. We can only wear certain colored bows with the uniforms, but these favorite bow shops of mine have everything from cute prints to basic solids…and they ALL have given you discount codes to use, so STOCK UP!


LaBelle Baby (code JORDAN for 15% off)

Ellia May Designs (code JORDAN15)

ZoZu Baby (code JORDAN20)

Cute Bird Kids (code JORDAN15)


My girls have to wear THESE saddle shoes with their uniforms, but even last year when Cub wasn’t in a uniform, I still put these on her a ton because they are comfy like sneakers but look so polished & preppy! 2019-07-24_0005

  • saddle shoes (it says “boys”, but they are unisex)
  • I also have loved these for NON UNIFORM school schoes: sneaker Mary-Janes (they come in lots of colors!) You can find the off-brand white ones I love and Cub wore all summer long HERE!

Non-uniform school shoes-This is my first year with both girls in a uniform, so I’ll live vicariously through you and give you this round up of some of my “would-be” favorites for school! I like to keep school shoes simple & neutral. My general rule of thumb was a pair from each category to start the year (athletic, dressy, neutral booties, rain boots) These shoe picks are based on general “rubber-sole, closed-toe, no heel” school shoe guidelines!2019-07-28_0001

Navy polka dot sneakers |pink sneakers |adidas (i love all three colors!) |neutral booties (so cute with everything from dresses/tights to jeans!) | Splurge leopard booties (I neeeeeed one pair of leopard booties in our wardrobe at all times!) | A cheaper leopard option| t-straps (y’all know I love my footmates with some knee socks!) | a pair of rainboots I also love these neutral silver ones  |olive booties (obsessed with these for fall!) | Black booties (want these in the brown AND black!!!) | white converse (so classic, go with everything & I love this easy on/off no-tie option!) |standard mary janes ( I’ve always found I used navy the most!) | I also used the ked saddle shoes and mary jane sneaker options that I linked above with street clothes! They are some of my favs!


The girls have to wear specific socks for school & these are the brands we love & wear (even when we’re not in school):

  • knee socks: spring|winter
  • no-fold crew socks (not pictured) We love these because they cover the ankle but without the “fold down” look that Q is not a fan of
  • Ripple Edge socks So cute with a uniform without the big giant ruffle you find on other ruffle socks
  • Cable Knit Tights (not pictured) These are our go-to for uniform skirts & cute dresses in the winter/colder weather!

Privacy Shorts These are required under the girls’ uniforms, but I make them wear them anytime they are wearing a dress, any time of year! I love the Hidees & Moneky Bar Buddies Brands too, but they can run on the pricey side! We have to wear navy this year but I love to stock up on these shorts in white for everyday!


We’ve been Pottery Barn Lunchbox’ers for years, but are switching it up this year! I love that the State lunchboxes have a spot for a lunch note, and a removable divider so we can fit our bento boxes inside! (Note: both our Lunchbots & Bentogo boxes fit inside!)zpjvv2fytcblylhr0xrj

BOTH girls  lunchbox choice: Rainbow

Other Favs:2019-07-24_0009

Gold (I’m a sucker for this one, since it’s the lunchbox version of the backpack Q had last year- which I LOVED!) | Strawberries (sometimes I like a sack design bag like this when I’m sending a thermos or a fun “non-bento” lunch!)|Gold Kitty (on MAJOR sale!!) |Rainbow Sequins (also on MAJOR SALE!)|Fulton (love that this one comes with a hard removable liner for easy cleaning!)


Bento Box (great if you pack foods that could “spill” into one another. This box seals each individual food compartment. But, the compartments are small. I like these better for smaller kiddos!)

LunchBots These are our favorites! They come in all sizes and compartment variations. Yes, they are expensive, but we’ve had ours for YEARS and they look brand new! They last forever! I love that they are stainless as opposed to plastic, however, the compartments are not leak proof. If I’m packing something that may “run”, I use these silicone liners inside the compartments!

Thermos (good for soups, mac & cheese, and other hot lunch items!)

Silverware I always keep these in the girls’ lunchboxes! I mostly pack “finger foods” but they are nice to have, just in case!

Water Bottle I love these for school lunch boxes because they stay cold all day with the double wall vacuum insulation and I love the silicone slip boot and the super easy to clean straw (I’m not a fan of cups with lots of little nooks & crannies that can grow mildew! yuck!)

Ice Packs- So here’s my OCD ice-pack method: a hard ice pack on the bottom of the lunchbox, stainless LunchBots box next, and then top with a soft ice pack. These Fit & Fresh hard packs are my favorite (and the kids love all the different shapes they come in!) and these are great for flat soft packs! Last year I bought all the cute plastic character gel packs from Pottery Barn & Target and they all broke mid-year! I love that these Fit & Fresh Soft Ice Packs are made with a strong nylon fabric that won’t crack or leak!

Reusable Snack Backs We love these! Q had to bring a small mid-day snack last year and this was the perfect little bag to throw it into everyday. We use these on-the-go all year round!


Max only goes to school twice a week for a few short hours in the morning. He won’t eat lunch there and is also issued a tote bag by the school, so he doesn’t need much in terms of “school supplies”. Here are a few of my favorites for little boys though!


mini kane backpack |toy story lunch box |bento |water bottle |converse|Name Bubble labels (we put these on EVERYTHING that leaves the home…including everything shown above! USE CODE JORDAN20 FOR 20% OFF YOUR ORDER!)

Ok, now get your shopping done so we can all relax and go back to summer!! 😉

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