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Foreo– I used to use my clarisonic to cleanse my skin at night until Samantha (my esthetician friend in case you missed Skincare: Part 1 !) warned me that they can harbor bacteria so I switched over to a Foreo Brush. The full sized one is a bit pricey, so I got the cheaper travel size option to test out and I absolutely LOVE it!

  • Samantha Says– If you don’t feel like investing in a cleanser brush, a good old wash cloth will do. Just be sure to wash it after every use.


GLOPro– I used to be really good about using my micro-needle roller but I’m just so dang tired at night. I try my best to used it at least twice a month. It’s great for stimulating natural collagen growth, regeneration of skin, and prepping skin for product absorption. When I use my GLO-pro, I use it at night, after cleansing and then continue with all of my night time products.

  • Samantha Says–  “I use my GLOPro once every 2-3 nights if I can remember….so like once a week.” The GloPro contains 500+ microneedles that penetrate the surface of the epidermis,triggering the skins healing process (hello collagen!) and allowing your serums to dive a little deeper. The added red LED light promotes circulation and improves collagen and elastin production. Immediately after I apply my Growth Factor Plus serum by Rhonda Allison. It’s a  “formula boosted with additional antioxidants, essential oils, beta glucan, and most importantly, Chondroitin. Chondroitin stimulates the skin’s memory cells and bolsters its immune system and enhances moisturizing capabilities. The synergy of this increases and enhances regeneration and healing and is also highly moisturizing.” From the Rhonda Allison website.71n8LLv9QZL._SY679_.jpg

Jade Roller- These little handheld massagers are are fairly cheap and are supposed to “boost blood circulation, reduce swelling, and help your skincare products penetrate deeper.”  Basically, they’re supposed to help with dark under-eye circles and puffiness from fatigue. “The increase in circulation can also help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.” [source: InStyle] 61top7tJ4DL._SX522_

Handheld Fan- I use this tiny little contraption to “dry” and set my liquid products between steps. This is especially handy when I’m in a rush and need that vitamin C to soak in so I can apply my moisturizer & get out the door!



Silk Pillowcase- This is the one I bought! Silk fabric has 18 kinds of amino acids that are believed to effectively stimulate your skin cells’ metabolism, great for anti-aging. Silk is also much less absorbent than other fabrics, meaning all those pricey serums and moisturizers you apply at night will stay on your face, not be soaked up into your pillow case! I’ve heard they take some getting used to, but I’m totally willing to give it a shot if it means less wrinkles and getting more bang-for-my-buck from my skin products! pillow




Drunk Elephant Baby Facial – prob my fav product/mask ever! Get ready for your skin to tingle ladies, because this little mask is literally like a mini-facial in a bottle!!! I use this maybe once a month.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask– Favorite Cheapie Drug store mask!! I use this once every 2 months or so, when my skin is feeling extra oily…this shrinks my pores like unlike anything else I’ve tried!

Mario Badescu Collagen MaskFirm and tone mature and sensitive skin with this collagen and clay based mask designed to tighten, nourish, and purify skin. Soothing oatmeal helps to reduce redness and irritation on sensitive skin. I use this 1-2 times a month!

Boscia Luminizing Black Masque– This mask is allllll over the “beauty blogger world” right now, so I had to try it. It’s a peel-off mask, so for those of you weirdos like me who like to SEE results AS they are happening (Biorè pore strips, anyone?!) this one is for you! It boosts skin’s clarity and helps minimize the appearance of pores by removing dirt and impurities and absorbing excess oil.

*A word about masks. Unless otherwise noted on the packaging, masks should be applied to a clean, dry face. I typically clean my face, apply mask, leave on for suggested amount of time, rinse, and then proceed with my normal nighttime routine.  I don’t typically do “sleep in” masks, but for those I’d probably cleanse, tone/exfoliate and then apply the mask as my “treatment” that night but I’ve heard you can apply “sleep in” masks as the last step to your normal nighttime routine.

Here’s a great article I found: Everything You Need to Know About Using Face Masks





Mario Badescu Drying Lotion– Spot Treatment for breakouts. DON’T mix the bottle. Simply stick a q-tip down to the pink stuff at the bottom and dab onto breakouts. I put it on at night, sleep with it, and rinse in the am! Best EVER!

Alba Acnedote – salcylic acid spot treatment gel. No parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances





Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum– tap-tap-tap around my tired eyes every morning. The Shaba is great preventative serum with copper peptides and soothing anti-inflammatory agents.

Kate Sommerville Goat Milk Eye De-Puffing Balm– I glide this little stick along my dark eye baggage in the mornings before make-up or anytime my eyes need a little pick-me-up. I LOVE this for travel!!

Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream– I use this one at night. It’s their super-powered “get sh** done” eye cream with 5 forms of vitamin C & 8 peptides. It helps treat stubborn damage, strengthens skin, improves fine lines, and brightens uneven tone.

  • Samantha Says: I use a PIN PRICK amount of Cosmedix Opti Crystals every night. Copper peptides stimulate collagen & elastin, coconut extract and liquid crystal technology provide hydration, and antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals. It looks like unicorn tears!


Tip: Things getting pricey?! Try the Drunk Elephant “The Littles” kit. You get to sample eight products for under $100!




Vitamin E Stick– I love these little sticks of pure vitamin E & keep one in my car, purse, and bedside table!

Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm is also an absolute fav. I apply it morning and evening at the end of my skin care routine! I love that it can also be used around eye area and on cheekbones for an extra boost of moisture & glow! Insider tip: The lippe balm itself is $18, so instead, I like to spring for the $25 “Out of Office” set which includes the lippe balm and travel sized bottles of the Virgin Marula Oil & the D-Bronzi Anti-pollution sunshine drops! Worth the extra $7 for two extra products, I think!

Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub-My lips get SO dry and chapped, especially in the winter. This is a great exfoliator for sloughing off that dead skin!

Honest Beauty Honest Balm– I used to use this for my lips but my friend Danielle (and spa-bum) told me to also dab a tiny bit along my cheekbones for the ultimate “glow”…it’s my favorite “fresh from the spa” party trick! Thanks, D!  😉



  • Don’t forget your neck and decolletage when applying products!
  • Have some excess on your hands after application? Rub that on in!!! Why not battle the signs of hand-aging and face-aging at the same time!
  • Rinse cleansers off with COOL water. Warm water opens your pores and we want those suckers closed up tight!
  • Do not underestimate the importance of drinking water and getting a good night’s sleep as a part of your skincare routine! Easier said than done…I know. I’m a night owl but have used the following to help me fall asleep at night:
    • An oil diffuser in the bedroom with some sleepy/nighttime oil blends. Some great oil accounts run by friends: @thegreenhouseessentials and @hellolove.essentials
    • A Casper Glow light– this little light syncs with your circadium rhythm and slowly dims over time to help you drift off to sleep naturally. I have one in all the kid’s rooms too!
    • Blue Light Blockers! Blue Light (hello tvs, ipads, phones, etc.) are one of the main culprits in disrupting our sleep cycle. I use my glasses every night to limit the amount of blue light my eyes are taking in! I’ve totally seen a difference.




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