Father’s Day 6.0

It’s that time again…

Each and every year I search the house for that same old blue and brown striped tie of Ryan’s, that old Tom Ford bowtie he wore only once, and the ratty old American flag hat that happens to be his favorite. Every year I promise myself that I’m going to hide these items away in a safe spot so that the next year I won’t need to have a panic attack and go hunting for them again. But, I never do. So every year, this year no different, I scramble to get this shot executed, edited, and ordered before Father’s Day. And every year Ryan pretends not to know what’s in the feather-light, cream colored box tied with a fancy brown ribbon. And then he pretends like his eyes are not tearing up when he flips open the tissue paper and see a full year of growth in a single snapshot. Every year.

It’s quite easily my favorite tradition of all times. I swear I’m doing it forever & ever and then I’ll cry when the shirts are no longer baggy and the hat fits Max’s head perfectly (which, let’s be honest, might be next year) #largeheadedchildrenproblems

Anyways, here is this year’s shot along with our collage of years past, for pinterest-ing (or bawling) purposes. 😉

Happy Father’s Day to all!




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