Family Stationery

Ok, so remember when I did the post on thank you notes and I talked about the importance of having personal stationery? Well, friends. The search for cute stationery is OVER…I’ve found the best, cutest shop EVER and I’m sharing it with you here… along with an awesome custom listing and exclusive discount code for YOU GUYS! So be sure to scroll to the bottom!


I recently received this family starter kit of goodies from the talented Stephanie over at Joy Creative Shop and seriously, you guys…it’s the most beautiful stationery I’ve ever owned! I’m not even kidding. I’m obsessed.

Here’s what I got:

1. “Gift tag” stickers, a set for each girl and one set with all three kids’ names on them. These will come in SUPER handy for the 18,000 birthday parties we go to every weekend. I love the ease of a sticker and Stephanie’s designs are just SO fun! 😉

2018-02-09_00012. I also got a set of cardstock gift tags (non-sticker form) with all of our names on them. They come pre-punched with tiny holes and a bag of gorgeous twine perfect for finishing off any gift.  In the pictures below you can see the tags with just our first names but those were mostly just for pictures. The real tags that we’ll be using have our last name (which I’ve blocked out of our stationary for privacy purposes) in script font at the bottom. They are seriously so gorgeous!!!  I LOVE them and I feel like the script font last name really ties the cards together!


2018-02-09_00053. The last thing I got was a set of stationery/envelopes for everyone! Each kiddo got his/her own stationery with their first name in big, bold caps and our last name in script below. We also got one set of family stationery that says “The M____ Family”.

2018-02-09_00022018-02-09_0004Everything from Joy Creative Shop was absolutely BEAUTIFUL; from the paper quality, to the color combinations, to the packing! Honestly,  the pictures don’t even do the products justice- they are THAT good in person!


So, if you’ve been on the hunt for a quality set of family stationery- I’m telling you- RUN over to Joy Creative Shop and order! She has SO many fun options in her shop, but this set that she designed for us just fit our personalities and our family so well.

She is truly talented! And also, she doesn’t just do stationery! She has a full-range of paper goods including weekly meal planners, notebooks, cards, notepads, and even glitter font!! So be sure to check those out too!

And, just for you guys, Stephanie created a special Family Starter Kit listing- a perfect one-stop shop with all the goodies you need to get started. Shop it here: Family Stationery Set

AND, also just for you guys, she’s offering 15% with the code JORDAN15 !


I cannot wait to use our stationery, and I will 100% be reordering when my stock runs out! And just for fun- I’ve also linked some of the other “office/stationery” items I love having on hand!

-Address stamper, I got this one pictured above from Ink Me This on Etsy. Love their designs so much!

-A polaroid camera, to add that “extra fun” touch to thank-you cards and other correspondence

Fun washi tape for envelope sealing

My fav FERN stamps from Amazon!



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