Sunday in the Park

I remember when we first moved into the “city” from the “burbs” (…I air quote mostly because I’m pretty sure there is nothing “city” about our new neighborhood, except for the fact that we are much, much closer to All the City Things than we were when we lived in the land of the Far Far Away Burbs. You, know a whopping 25-30 minutes away.)

I digress…

When we first started coming to this little gem of a park it had just been built and Ardyn was just a newborn. I remember swaddling her up, packing up the fancy spaceship-sized stroller and driving ALLLLL the way to the city to let Quin run amuck at this awesome new park. (And because I had heard a rumor about parmesean truffle fries.) We learned very quickly:

a.) To always bring a swimsuit for the kids (cold, wet kids are never a good time) and

b.) that food-truck-food is the best-type-food

We also learned (and by “we”, I mean “I”) that the city was pretty freaking awesome and that leaving the land of Far Far Away Burbs couldn’t be all bad if fun parks like this and food trucks were involved.

Fast forward two years and this is still one of our favorite places to come with the girls. Only now it’s a much shorter drive, there are TWO of them running amuck, and the newborn space craft has been replaced with a cheap umbrella stroller that happens to keep my purse nice and comfortable. 😉

Today was a much-needed good, good day.

(Mostly because it started with mimosas,but also this…)


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