Cabana Life

ok, so Cabana Life and I are pretty much besties.

I found them by accident, while vacationing in St. Thomas a few years ago. We were out on the beach all day and I really needed baby Q to have some more coverage than her little strappy suit was giving her. We went into a local shop and I found the cutest little orange and white rashguard set by a brand called Cabana Life. Yep, it was pretty much love at first sight. I fell hard & fast and never looked back. But really though, how could I?


So yes, I initially loved the “cuteness” and cover factor of the suit, but shortly after discovering Cabana Life, something happened to make me love this brand even more.

Photo Jun 17, 3 12 55 PM.jpg

About a year and a half ago, Q had to have a spot removed on her arm. It was traumatic, for obvious reasons and  immediately afterwards, I bought up all the Cabana Life I could get my hands on.  See, not only are the rash guard sets (my fav) pretty adorable, but they also make cover-ups and regular suits for the whole family AND…it gets better…these suits are UPF50.

Photo Jun 17, 4 08 37 PM.jpg

I mean- come on- my kids get to look cute and be protected?

Sign me up, all day long!Photo Nov 06, 12 10 30 PM

Photo Nov 04, 9 53 40 AM.jpg

Photo Jun 14, 12 56 59 PM

Anyways, the lovely folks over at Cabana Life are pretty amazing–after all, we are bffs! 😉  And on our recent trip to California, I was able to shoot some of the Spring ’16 line for them. I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty much sold on these suits…and on California. (so.much.pretty.)

Below are a few (thousand) images from our shoot last week!

Thanks for the opportunity, CL.

…And the great suits!


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