Thanksgiving/Fall Books 2018


Ok, guys. I have a little secret: Thanksgiving books miiiiiight be my FAVORITE holiday genre (ok, ok…right after Christmas).  I just looove all the rich illustrations and the sweet messages of family, story-telling, tradition, and gratitude. These are the kind of books that make you want to curl up next to the fireplace with your kiddos, a cozy blanket and some hot chocolate! I hope you like my picks for this year & find something new to add to your holiday book collection!

And don’t tell anyone but I MIGHT like this year’s selection more than last year’s!



(*= my personal favorites!)

Nuts to You! |*Sweep |Peace is an Offering | *Storm |A Tree for All Seasons |Fall Leaves |Bear Has a Story to Tell |Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf |What was the First Thankgiving? |Thomas Turkey’s Terrible Tricks |Tap the Magic Tree |*Thanksgiving in the Woods |Awesome Autumn |*Anne of Green Gables |Tiny, Perfect Things |Seeds and Trees |Fall Mixed Up |We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt |Autumn Forest |We Gather Together | *Balloons Over Broadway | Turkey Trouble | A Plump and Perky Turkey |The Scarecrow’s Hat |*Thanksgiving Rules

For book descriptions, click the book titles above and you’ll be brought to the Amazon landing page where you can find a description for each before purchasing

And if you are interested in last year’s picks click HERE for links and a full description of EACH book (…from back when I wasn’t lazy!) 😉


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