Cute Outfits for Older Girls

As I aimlessly roam the aisles of clothing stores, I notice my cart is FULLLL of cute outfits for Cub from the toddler section and I’m left wondering if I can squeeze Q into that dreaded “biggest toddler size” so they can match. Nope…legs are too long, zippers won’t zip. So, I brace myself as I walk into the “big girl section” where the clothing designers are intent upon transforming my newly seven-year-old into a teenager. Or so it seems…

Sound familiar? I’ve heard SO much from you guys about hating shopping in the “big girl section” for your little girls; how the clothes are too old, or just not as cute as the toddler section. And while I can’t fully fix the cuteness factor (they are baby clothes, after all) I DID do some digging to prove that we CAN have a pleasant experience shopping for our big (but still little) girls, too.

I put together seven looks that I would 100% put Q in and would EASILY be able to coordinate Cub with.

And guess what, you guys? Here’s the best news: Every. Single. Solitary. Item. linked on this post is from…get ready for it…Old Navy & Target! Yep…right down to shoes and accessories! Woo-Hoo!! Listen, I’m not ready to quit my small shops on Instagram, but let’s be honest…I live at Target so I might as well be able to snag some clothes for Q while I’m there, ya know?

So, yes…while the day our littles outgrow the toddler section, is a MOST dreaded day, it only confirms one thing that we should probably come to terms with (insert ugly tears)… they are, in fact, not toddlers anymore. BUT, if you still want to dress them like they are off to second grade and not sophomore year, here are a few looks you might like!

Happy Shopping, friends!






Look One Shopping List: maroon cardi | kindness tee  |rockstar jeggings | maroon sneakers |belts | headband

Tip: All the big girls are into graphic tees these days, so I always look for simple ones (you know, sans glitter and cartoon characters) You can always polish it up with cute accessories! When Q has “jeans” day at school, I would totally put her in something like this!




Look Two Shopping List: jean jacket|   dressballet flats   | hair clips

Tip: Not many people know this but did you know Pink Chicken has a line at Target?! It’s called Happy by Pink Chicken and it’s exclusively online. If you are looking for sweet girly dresses at a fraction of the price, this is basically the best news ever for you! 😉




Look Three Shopping List: fringe sweater | denim shirtmaroon skirt |boots |glitter bow

Tip: Layering can basically transform any outfit! I love this sweet little sweater but the outfit just came together when  layered the denim collared shirt underneath, dont you think? And riding boots with skirts…yes please!!



look4newLook Four Shopping List: fox thermal|overalls | black stripe headwrap|booties

Tip: One word- OVERALLS! Sad about your babe getting bigger? Slap on some overalls and boom- she’s instantly little again! Haha! Of course, let her feel more grown up by pairing them with some funky accessories!





Look Five Shopping List: floral dress| jean jacket| boots OR ballet flats |hair clips

Tip: floral dresses are always a win when it comes to dressing Q. She loves them, I love them. It just works. Plus, pairing with a denim jacket just makes it even cuter!





Look Six Shopping List:girls club sweatshirt |denim shirt | blue uni skirt|booties |yellow and pink knee socks |scrunchies

Tip: Ok, this might sound weird, but check out the uniform section! Those little pleated skirts and jumpers are cuuuuute and can totally be dressed up or down to make the perfect little girl outfit! Add some cute knee socks (and hello…scrunchies from Target?!) and you’d never know that skirt was intended for a peter pan collared shirt and a cardigan (which, by the way…I’m totally into as well!) 😉





Look Seven Shopping List: striped dress|jean jacket |knee socks |booties |cat ear clips  OR Pom clips

Tip: Striped dresses (and denim jackets) are a wardrobe staple for us. I was able to dress this cute little number up for a fun Halloween-themed outfit just with Target accessories. And isn’t it totally reminiscent of the sweet “small shop” twirl dresses you know I love so much?!





Extras Shopping List: octopus dress| blue check top|pink overall | pink dot headband| backpack|blue jumpsuit | chambray headband|metalic sneakers|brown riding boot| hooded coat| orange jumpsuit|stripe tie front top |studded flats

Extra, Extra! See guys? Shopping for our big girls can be totally fun…it just requires a bit more digging and playing around. I hope this helped you not feel so stumped and deflated when you’re walking the aisles of Target & Old Navy. Keep your eyes peeled people…the gems ARE out there! (Helllllooooo pink corduroy overall jumper up there. I see you!!!!)




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  1. I recently realized Carters/Osh Kosh is now carrying sizing up to 14. That buys me more time for my 8 year old!

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