Holiday Outings with Mini Boden

When the calendar page turns over to December, it seems most of our time is spent at Holiday Outings. I come out of my “couch-in-pjs hibernation” and join in on all the fun: Santa parties, get-togethers, ornament exchanges, tree lighting ceremonies, and– of course, the theater! From The Nutcracker to our local children’s theater’s production of A Charlie Brown Christmas, we want to see it ALL! (And by “we”, I mean ME!)

Seriously though, isn’t experiencing Christmastime with kiddos just so magical (you know, when it isn’t exhausting and overwhelming?). There’s something in the air that just makes every thing and every outing feel so festive and special…so, of course, we like to dress festive, too! Since I know we’ve got a full calendar month ahead, and I’m sure you do too- I’ve partnered up with Mini Boden to bring you some Holiday Outing outfit inspiration.

What I love about Mini Boden is that their clothes are so easy to mix-and-match (I had SO much fun pairing up these outfits…but then I wanted to buy them all. Oopsie!). Another thing I love about these clothes is that, although they may look fancy and festive, they are still PLAY clothes that kids can be comfortable in! (Cubby is now wearing some of Q’s old Mini Boden favorites and they still look good as new!)

So whether it’s a daytime kids’ party or a fancy nighttime show you’ve got on your calendar- I’m pretty sure you’ll find one (or 10) perfect outfits below!

Plus, they are having an “Up to 40% off” AND “10% off NEW IN” SALES, right now!!!

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GirlsDay(Click HERE to shop these & more holiday outfits NOW! I love the idea of the plaid dress with the pink tree sweater over it, as pictured above. Turns the dress right into a cute skirt…two items for the price of one? Sold! And do not even get me started on those yellow boots!)

BoysDay(Click HERE to shop these & more holiday outfits NOW! When it comes to the boys, I’m all about the layered look. Pop that red plaid collar under any of the sweaters above and you’re golden!)

GirlsNight(I got Q that soldier/nutcracker dress, because…Nutcracker. Obsessed with all of these items though!! How about that sweet little red velvet number up top and that sequins collar city scape dress?! yasssss.Click HERE to shop these & more holiday outfits NOW!)

BoysNight(Little boys in blazers have my heart. How adorable are these looks? With a dapper little scarf? I’m dead. Click HERE to shop!)

baby(Click HERE to shop these & more holiday outfits NOW! Baby clothes for the win, always. Two words: Fair. Isle.)

Update: More perusing ensued and now it’s time for round two.

Hold my coffee, I’m going in for more…

dead, dead, and more dead. I need it ALL!!!

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