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Well, friends- we’re back! Crazy to think that after all that planning and packing and prepping…the trip is already over. BUT- I will tell you, it was worth every second and every penny! Virgin Gorda *might* be my new favorite Caribbean destination!I received so many questions via Instagram while we were away and with data roaming charges being so high and the internet connection being less than stellar, I figured I’d answer some of them here!

First off:

Q & A’s clothes & bathing suits: I almost ALWAYS tag the shops their outfits are from. Just tap the picture on instagram to see the shop names (I know this seems kind of obvious, but I still get lots of  “Where is that dress from?” type questions over in Insta-land. So, yeah click the picture for shop names.) If it’s NOT tagged its most likely an old piece or something that is no longer available. OR my shopaholic brain simply forgot where I got it! 😉

(Ex: These blue rompers got lots of questions and I didn’t tag them because they were purchased at Old Navy last summer- or even the summer before, maybe! I loved it when I bought it and went back and got one in every size- thus the reason Q & A both fit into one this summer! Yaaaay for being a shopaholic!)

Travel Items: Ok, so I definitely over-packed for this trip (See Travel Tips post!) and I wanted to share a quick list of things I did NOT use while on vaca, things I definitely NEEDED and things I totally forgot to bring!

Did NOT use:

  • The MiFold carseat boosters. Most travel in the Caribbean is done by way of boat or open air taxis so these seats stayed in the luggage the whole time. Boo!
  • Polaroid Camera. The charger got lost early on, the battery kept dying on us, and honestly Q just had no interest. Waste of luggage space.
  • So many outfits! We had a chef come in & we ate at the house a bunch on this trip, so the girls went from bathing suits & coverups straight into pjs most nights. I think we went out to dinner twice. So basically aside from travel clothes, I used TWO outfits for the girls. T-W-O. I will not even tell you how many I actually brought!
  • So many SHOES! I bought the girls THESE slip on sandals by Igor and they wore them every single day. On the two nights they dressed up to go out to restaurants they wore their brown salt water sandals. I literally only needed two pairs of shoes for them. Same for me. I needed flip flops. The end.
  • All those airplane toys. I’m on the fence with this one because the girls mostly watched their ipads on the plane BUT they did play with their toys during down time at the house. So I guess they did come in handy.
  • The Monkey Mat. The kids played IN the sand and Max, wellll- never let me put him down. Never needed it or opened it once!
  • Water shoes for the girls. We brought them for The Baths but the shoes were actually slippery on the rocks and it was easier/safer to go barefoot!

Definitely USED:

  • snorkel masks
  • life jackets
  • alllll that food!
  • lots of bathing suit options…and lots of rashguards!
  • alllll that sunscreen
  • 6 packages of wipes! Thought I was over-packing here but, nope!
  • Boppy- for feeding, naps, airplane ride, etc. Used this every single day.
  • Breast pump, lots of breast milk storage baggies, and a small insulated cooler and freezer packs for toting that milk to dinners and on our travel days!
  • Extra bottles! We use glass and one shattered upon arrival…thank God for extras!
  • First Aid kit: children’s tylenol and thermometer were needed and definitely USED!
  • That Aqua Heat travel bottle warmer. That this is Pure GOLD, I tell you!
  • The mosquito net for baby boy. We put this over his rock n’ play every night and every time he was outside!
  • Mesh baby carrier! This thing was awesome for carrying Max out in the sun & water
  • Giant hat for myself. This served as protection for me as well as a tiny umbrella for Max while I was carrying him in the sun!

NEEDED but forgot:

  • More diapers- we brought 50 diapers and were running very low towards the end of the 8 day trip. Ohhhh newborn life.
  • Beach toys. We thought there would be a basket of sand toys left behind from the previous house guests (usually the case) but there was not. totally should’ve brought a small package of sand toys.
  • Meds- I always pack a first aid kit but I cleaned out some expired meds before the trip and totally forgot to replace them. Luckily I had children’s Tylenol (needed for when Q & A got tummy bug fevers) but I forgot and NEEDED children’s Benedryl and also saline spray and squeeze bulb for baby boy’s congested nose!

Next up, the trip itself! Here are the details, as promised!

Location: Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

House: Villa Aquamare, via a vacation club we are members of.Virgin Gorda was GORGEOUS and the house was equally as stunning. The staff was superb and all around the experience was a five-star one. Not sure how any other house or beach trip is going to compare to this one! Do me a favor, if you ever go…please hire Chef Mimi to come cook for you…and request her Key Lime pie for dessert. (I don’t even like key lime pie!) Trust Me!

Tourist Spots:

On Virgin Gorda-

  • Hog Heaven-BBQ joint. This place is located at the top of the island and the view alone is worth the trek. We stopped here for a drink and a snack (french fries) before heading out to lunch. So I can’t speak much of the actual food, but it’s a total tourist dive spot. Aka: showing up in a bathing suit and cover up is totally acceptable!
  • CocoMaya- Asian Fusion. Gorgeous restaurant, beautiful scenery and yummy food! The girls loved the “back yard” (beach with corn hole, giant jenga, and fire pit) they could play on while we waited for food at our table.
  • Saba Rock. Tiny little rock island off the coast of Virgin Gorda. Good food, cute gift shop, and you can walk the whole island in about 10 minutes. Only negative- no walk-in beach access, since the island is basically a big rock. (Water taxi to get there)
  • The Bitter End Resort. Kind of dated, cute shops, good if you’re looking for some fun water sports. (Can get there by land taxi or boat)
  • Chez Bamboo– a local restaurant. We ordered take-out from here one night and were very underwhelmed by the food. I’d maybe skip it.
  • Rock Cafe– italian restaurant. Cute place, piano bar inside, we ate outside among boulders (thus the name). Food was just ok, but the atmosphere was pretty cool!
  • The Baths! This place was phenomenal! Probably wouldn’t recommend doing it with a baby… but it was worth all the “You guys are crazy” looks we got from everyone! The girls had SO much fun climbing through all the rocks and tunnels and the water and views were just beautiful. Plus, I’m convinced we spotted the Goonies…Sailing Around the BVIs-
  • We did two boat days with our favorite boat captain, Dana Paradise on the Take it Easy 2. We sailed all over the BVIs, stopping to snorkle at The Caves, The Indians and several other hot spots. We hit up Norman Island to eat at Pirate’s Bight, Saba Rock, and Soggy Dollar on Jost Van Dyke. Boat days are kind of our favorite…and not just because of the rum punch! 😉
  • Side Note: On our first day at sea, one of the boat crew heard the girls talking about their love for Moana. The second day we chartered the boat, she went out into the caves she knew we’d be snorkeling in and planted a special gift for the girls to find. When the girls went out snorkeling in the caves they found plastic bags with their names on them. Inside was a note “from Moana” along with handmade  island skirts and flowers for their hair. The girls were completely awe-struck and wore their custom made outfits from Moana for the rest of the day. THAT, my friends, is called quality crew! Miss Alicia, if you ever read this…YOU are the bestest ever! Thank you for making my girls’ day!!!

Any questions, send them my way!

Seriously…best trip ever!

Next up in our summer adventures…New Jersey!

In the meantime…extra vacation pics: ( Cause there’s always plenty of those! 😜) 


11 thoughts on “Virgin Gorda

  1. Amazing trip!!! Loved reading. I think I may have found the one person on planet Earth who is more organized/prepared/OCD than I am!! 😉 Ok, so what in the heck do you do with that iPhone on your beach trips?!? Where do you store it so it stays handy for pics, yet doesn’t get wet or dropped while carrying baby, etc? I hate lugging along extra cameras on vacation, so I rely on my iPhone for pics, but I always struggle having to keep the dang thing in my hand all the time and not damage it! Please share your tips!! Love love love your pics–big fan. 😘💋

    1. Aw thank you SO much!!! I forgot to add my phone contraption!! So I used an old iPhone in a lifeproof case for underwater pics and then kept my new/active iPhone in a plastic f-color case. I’ll go ahead and link it on my IG stories right now for ya! 🙂

  2. Such AMAZING pics and LOVED reading your blog! It was like a wonderful fairytale book you can’t take put down. You are INCREDIBLY talented Jordan with such BEAUTIFUL a family! Off the charts vaca! ♡

  3. So did you shoot all of these pics with your iPhone?!? They are amazing! Like someone mentioned up above I don’t like lugging extra cameras on vacation but my iphone doesn’t take amazing pics like this!

    1. Aw thank you so much! Yes, these were with my iPhone! I just couldn’t lug my big guy with me on a beach trip with three babes. I think it’s a mix of the iPhone camera but also how I edit, maybe? I like to use pictapgo and I try to get most things right IN camera- meaning having lighting, sharpness, quality etc be great and have to do minimal editing!

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