Daddy Daughter Dance 2.0

Can you believe it’s already time for her SECOND Daddy-Daughter Dance? I feel like I was just crying sappy tears about her first one five minutes ago! Or maybe those were just the tears I shed while compiling this blog post.

Either way- although a whole year has passed, the cuteness factor of their “favorite special day together” remains. This year, Q insisted upon choosing her own dress (thank the Sweet Lord I escaped the glitter & sparkles for another year!) Although she did chose the ONLY dress they didn’t have in her size, causing us to drive all over town to find a store with “THE ONE” in stock. I’m chalking this one up to practice for her pre-teen years. Please God, let the time slow down. My heart (and nerves) are just not ready for that quite yet.

Luckily she’s still only five, and it’s still pretty much the cutest day ever.

And to think…next year he’ll have two little ladies on his arm!2017-01-30_00012017-01-30_0002new2017-01-30_00032017-01-30_00042017-01-30_00052017-01-30_00072017-01-30_00082017-01-30_00102017-01-30_00092017-01-30_00112017-01-30_00062017-01-30_0012

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