Back to School with Dressie Jessie

If I HAVE to get excited about the start of school and the end of all things fun and summery, I basically have to think about it as nothing more than a shopping opportunity. Back-to-School shopping is pretty much my version of Christmas, and a valid excuse to give those credit cards a little work-out. I mean, it’s been 3 whole months since my Summer Siesta Shopping extravaganza, right? 😉

In all seriousness, I have a little weakness for southern smocked attire, and I am so lucky to be able to work for a brand like Dressie Jessie. Seriously, she is an amazing shop owner and her clothes are just….well, keep scrolling and see for yourself.

But, for reals- I know you think I’m crazy, but I am NOT excited to send the girls off this week. I’ll miss the travel and adventure of summer; the carefree days of swimming and the late-night family movies on the couch. (Not to mention frosè and margaritas.)

Yeah. Pretty much the cuteness factor of these little numbers from Dressie Jessie is just about the only thing getting me through this week.

That-and the return of solo Target trips.

Other than that- viva la summer…or um, Happy Back to School.2016-08-29_00072016-08-29_00022016-08-29_00032016-08-29_00042016-08-29_00052016-08-29_00062016-08-29_00082016-08-29_00092016-08-29_00102016-08-29_0011

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