In Summerrrrr…Part One

Here’s the thing. I haven’t blogged since Father’s Day, and before that it may have been since 2014. But I’m trying to be better about that. It’s my New Year’s resolution…in July August.

Shit, it’s August.

Don’t even ask me what day of the week it is, people. I’m serious. Until the school calendar gets shoved in my face in a few short weeks, I’m pleading complete summer ignorance.

So yeah. Blogging. Or my lack-there-of. In my defense, we kinda sorta haven’t really been HOME since Father’s Day and I just now am discovering mobile blogging so I no longer can use “not being home to physically sit my butt at my desktop” as an excuse. So here’s a little glimpse into our rollercoaster of a summer, so far.

I say “so far” because in my brain it is still summer. (Because August-Shmaugust, Summer-Ending-Denial Syndrome, and all that.)

But really…summer, saturday, whatever you are- where ever I am…please don’t end.

So yeah. We started summering way back in May when we went to Charleston/Kiawah Island to surprise our cousin for her 40th birthday.

(We make Q carry all her own junk! It makes her packing every toy in the playroom a little less appealing…) Our newest, sweetest baby cousin! Cubby looks thrilled, no?

Our first low country boil. (We ate Mac-n-cheese…)

After that, we unpacked, repacked & headed out to Alys Beach (aka Heaven on Earth) for my sister’s stunning wedding!

We like to party…

I’m not saying I was important or anything. But I was kind of important….Seesters!

That’s a wrap, Florida!!

We then returned home to this place we call “Our House” for a short stint. We had a fun visit from Toey & Papa, Q got to perform in a little camp play as the role of “Princess Mermaid”(enthralling!), we went to see Pinkalicious the Musical and Beauty & the Beast, Found good old Dory,& enjoyed many a drippy popsicle by the pool…

And then, well…we packed it back up and headed out again.

But seeing as how I just blogged more in this post than I have in the past 3 years, I think we’ll leave Part 2 for another time.

I smell some frosè calling my name…


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